1. This was NOT too long, it was amazing!! I’ve been reading (and re-reading) these flawless reviews for about a year now. I never even imagined someone would convert them to video reviews… but i am so glad you did! My favorite joke ever, in the history of the world, is BAHIA!!! Its nuts but in almost every.single.disney.movie. they show someone with the BAHIA eyes and i crack up everytime. Anyways. Just wanna thank you and beg you to continue doing these, as they are perfect. The only thing that could POSSIBLY make it better was if you had an Irish brogue (as i imagine the unshaved one does!) PLEASE keep up the good work! Thanks Again!!!!

  2. Mark’s various voices for the continents made me smile. Also, Boredulaire… Is that a Snicket reference? Because if it is, that will also make me smile. Great job vocalizing Mouse’s car rant. You put some real wrathful passion behind Mouse’s panning moments, and I like that. Too bad we didn’t get a CUMWF bomb, that would’ve been funny. Though the scenery-munching madness of the Three Caballeros review makes up for that. Also, Bahia glitch in the preview. Yikes.

    I liked Mauricio’s response to having to make visuals for that derailed rafting metaphor. Subtle. Also, wow, the flying gauchito and his steed sure remind me a lot of Pinocchio and the Pleasure Island donkeys. Freaky.

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