1. I wish I could have donated back then…
    If you ever decide to make another show, Neil, I’ll make sure to donate some monies with my brand new spanking credit card! (™).
    Or at least, I should be able to.

    1. And is now the highest grossing Disney animated film of all time and 2nd highest grossing animated film in general, trailing only Toy Story 3 (which it has an outside chance of passing, it’s short about 36 million ATM)

      1. I have mixed feelings about that…Frozen is an okay movie, but both Wreck it Ralph and Tangled are way better. I think that Frozen breezes through the path they made for it.

        It’s kind of history repeating itself.
        The Little Mermaid was a successful movie which started the Disney Renaissance but couldn’t reach that high because of a couple of really bad movies which came beforehand.
        Dito for Tangled.
        It was followed by The Rescuers Down Under which to this day is usually overlooked and forgotten, partly because it is so different than anything else Disney did during that time
        Dito for Winnie the Pooh.
        Then it blew everyone away with a critically highly acclaimed movie called Beauty and the Beast.
        Dito for Wreck it Ralph
        This lead to the success of the two movies which followed, both of them trumping the ones before at the box office (Aladdin and The Lion King – which I think are both NOT as good as The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast).
        Dito for Frozen.

        Oh well, I’ll just be happy that Disney finally got the academy award. I was just surprised as hell that Get a Horse didn’t win. I guess they didn’t want to give Disney all the awards?????

      2. Wreck it Ralph was not even close to being as critically acclaimed as Beauty and the Beast. Beauty and the Beast was widely considered one of the best films on 1991. I wouldn’t even say Wreck it Ralph was the best animated film of 2012.

      3. I am mixed on it too. Frozen has the same flaws as Princess and the Frog, and done worse. Swanpride, you know I will debate all day long with you on BatB being WORSE than Aladdin and The Lion King (at least Aladdin).

        Tangled was snubbed because of Toy Story 3 and How to Train Your Dragon. Wreck-it Ralph got robbed thanks to the weaker Brave. The time Disney outgrosses and wins the most awards, it is to the lacklustre Frozen that is not the best animated or Disney film. I wish Disney got all this success of of a GREAT film.

  2. @swanpride Word. (I agree that “Wreck It Ralph” was better than “Frozen,” but I liked it more than “Tangled.”)

  3. @swanpride Think of it this way: At least Frozen is more successful than Despicable Me 2 now!
    Unless you like Despicable Me 2 more, which… … …would be an interesting opinion.

  4. Sorry I took so long. Congratulations UM. All your hard effort and promotion has worked out really well. I wish the best comes for you and your family.

  5. Hey Anii, I prefer Brave over Wreck it Ralph. Merida is an excellent archer, capable of hitting a bulls eye from a galloping horse, buff from pulling whats probably a hundred pound bow, and is technically a princess. She’s my kind of girl.

    Also, you have to remember, she did face down a bear, and that rates high in my book.

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