The Saga Ends…

I’ve been remiss in my duties I’m afraid. Due to me actually (gasp!) writing over the last few weeks I’ve not been updating episodes of the Goo like I’d planned. So here are the final two episodes.

Episode 4 is HERE, and Episode 5 is HERE.  Please watch, share and tell your friends. It’s a great series and plus, Dave’s a mate and I owe him for that time he saved me from a rabid banshee.

And now, for the last time, please read your nationality appropriate recommendation.

For Non-Irish Readers

As we enter the penultimate and final installments of the Goo, this towering work has so many questions yet to answer. Will Dave and Jonesy manage to escape the deathtrap that addiction has built around them? Will they emerge from this ordeal with even the barest trace of their humanity intact? Will they finally discover the identity of the mysterious Yellow King? But perhaps that’s not the point. The Goo is not about providing easy answers. The Goo is about the questions that we must ask oursevles. The Goo is the mirror held up to our faces, our own unblinking reflection staring back at us, always questioning. Can you meet its gaze?

Can any of us?

For Irish Readers



  1. Just a random question, has the Blu-Ray edition of “The Jungle Book” been released in Ireland yet? If it has, would you consider giving it a purchase, if you don’t already own it?

      1. I just figured you might want it considering how much you like it.
        Do you not have the kind of money to buy a Blu-Ray player?

  2. You know it’s bad when your english is so limited you can’t even understand irish/english accents 😦

    That is the case here. I’ve been trying to watch The Goo many times Neil, but I can only understand a few words. Truly sorry…
    At least I can understand indian, spanish and american accent…! …That doesn’t help…

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