Please vote for me. It is my birthday.

Today, Unshaved Mouse turns the big Zero Two and I’ve received a pretty awesome birthday present. The blog has been nominated for best Blog Post (for the Lion King review) and that means I have to once again call on you, my loyal readers, to help me get into the final ten so that I can have the privilege of being utterly crushed by the Waterford Whispers. If you want to help me in this noble endeavour, you can vote HERE. You can vote once every week unless you have mad hacking skills. Do you have mad hacking skills? Please get in touch. We should talk.

Mouse out.


  1. I’m glad I have 3 devices. Now I can vote for the blog post three time weekly. I wish I had mad hacking skills though. Happy birthday, UM!!!!

      1. Your welcome. πŸ™‚

        And btw, I have an amazing book called Disneystrology: What Your Birthday Character Says About You by Lisa Finander, which tells you what Disney character is associated with your birthday. I absolutely recommend it to any fan of Disney or of astrology and birthdays, in general. Yours, my friend, is Robin Hood, apparently. I can read to you the whole page if you want, man.

  2. Happy belated birthday, Mister Mouse! Things are looking good for you so far, you’ve broken top 20! Best of luck to you!

      1. Last time I checked you were 19th, I think. Unless I read the ratings completely wrong, which is possible.

  3. I just looked and Mouse is tied for 16th place. Two people are within ten votes of catching him, but he is two votes short of catching the 15th place blogger. Happy early birthday (365 days early) and happy late birthday by 365 days.

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