Polling, polling, polling, keep those doggies polling…

Okay everyone, the final(ish) ranking of every canon movie has now gone up HERE.

But, bafflingly, some people will insist on having opinions that differ from my own which is why I put up a poll asking readers of this blog to name their favourite canon movie and favourite Unshaved Mouse review. So without further ado, let’s talk to Katya who’s coming to us live from Sofia. Hello Katya!

"Hello Mouse! What a cool time we are having! Here is how the people voted."

“Hello Mouse! What a cool time we are having! Here is how the people voted.”

Dinosaur: 1 (Oh ha ha ha ha. Yeah. Funny guy. Thanks to you, this movie beat out Bolt, Princess and the Frog and Cinderella. I hope you can live with that on your conscience, you monster.)

Three Caballeros: 1

Peter Pan: 1

Lady and the Tramp: 1

101 Dalmatians: 1

Sword in the Stone: 1

The Black Cauldron 1:

The Rescuers: 1

Treasure Planet: 1

Atlantis The Lost Empire: 1

Snow White: 2

Rescuers Down Under: 2

Hercules: 2

Pinocchio: 3

Big Hero Six: 3 (Man, that is some effective marketing Disney.)

Robin Hood: 3

The Great Mouse Detective: 3

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: 3

Bambi: 4

Emperor’s New Groove: 4

Sleeping Beauty: 5

Alice In Wonderland: 6

Jungle Book: 8

Tangled: 8

Wreck It Ralph: 8

Mulan: 8

Tarzan: 8

Fantasia: 9

Lilo and Stitch: 11

Aladdin: 13

The Little Mermaid: 14

Frozen: 17

The Hunchback of Notre Dame: 31

Beauty and the Beast 39

Lion King: 40

"Lion King for the winner!"

“Lion King for the winner!”

Well  few surprises there, but a fairly inevitable result, wouldn’t you say Katya?

"Mouse? Someone is hammering on the door, I think the station is being......"

“Mouse? Someone is hammering on the door, I think the station is being……”

You’re right Katya, it’s hard to argue with a result like that. But what about their favourite review, can you tell us how the readers voted Katya?

"Da. The readers have voted to return to the Motherland."

“Da. The readers have voted to return to the Motherland.”

Ooooookay. Did they happen to mention anything about their favourite review?

"This voting process was both fair and transparent. Talk of irregularities is simply fascist propaganda."

“This voting process was both fair and transparent. Talk of irregularities is simply fascist propaganda.”

Akira: 1

Frozen: 1

Home on the Range: 1

Fantasia 2000: 1

Little Mermaid: 1

Robin Hood: 1

Aristocats: 1

Jungle Book: 1

Basil the Great Mouse Detective: 1

101 Dalmatians: 1

Lady and the Tramp: 1

Peter Pan: 1

Tarzan: 1

Brother Bear: 1

Princess Mononoke: 2

Lilo and Stitch: 2

An American Tail: 2

Mulan: 2

Emperor’s New Groove: 2

Batman Under the Red Hood: 2

Hunchback of Notre Dame: 3

Sword in the Stone: 3

Song of the South: 3

Lion King: 3

Beauty and the Beast: 3

Pocahontas: 4

Aladdin: 5

Black Cauldron: 5

Three Caballeros: 5

Foodfight!: 6

"Most popular review Foodfight, Black Cauldron and Three Caballeros. From this we know, readers like you to suffer."

“Most popular review Foodfight, Black Cauldron and Three Caballeros. From this we know, readers like you to suffer.”

Tell me something I don’t know. Thanks Katya.

"Soon I will crush you."

“Soon I will crush you.”


  1. Wow…there were four other people who also picked Sleeping Beauty? I didn’t expect that…I always thought that I am pretty alone with my appreciation for this movie (well, I know that other people like it, but most would pick another one over it). And yeah, Tangled and Mulan ended up in the top half, too! (Though it would be interesting to see how the result would have looked like if multiple votes had been possible).

    Ha, I knew that The Black Cauldron review would do well…my second choice would have been Fantasia 2000.

  2. I’m certain people are going to troll about how “The Lion King” is overrated and how it’s so typical that it won. So, before that happens, I just want to say something.

    The Lion King is not my favorite Disney movie. That honor falls onto “Lilo & Stitch,” hence why I voted for it and why Stitch is my avi.

    The Lion King isn’t even my favorite Renaissance movie.THAT honor goes to “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

    However, just because it’s not my personal favorite, does not mean that it’s not the best. And believe me when I say that it is.

    The Lion King has a perfect, timeless story. It has a perfect cast of characters, each one fulfilling their roles flawlessly. It has the perfect soundtrack, ranging from light-hearted to heart-breaking to menacing. It has perfect animation. Every scene is dripping with color and beautiful, fluid and believable movement. The Lion King is, to reiterate, perfect.

    1. There is such a thing as a perfect Disney movie. Lion King has some contrivances, especially during the final. (Not that I consider it a bad movie, not at all…but it is not perfect).

      1. Well, no film is absolutely flawless. But compared to every other Disney film, it’s basically perfect. It’s kind of how even though there are an infinite number of rational numbers, when compared to all the irrational numbers, all the rationals look like zero.

  3. Yay! My top 2 faves are the the top 2! (Would’ve switched the order, though).
    I had a feeling the Foodfight! review would be one of the higher ranking ones.

      1. What can I say? I just love seeing people bash the heck out of something they hate! Hence why I’m such a fan of people like you, NC, the Mysterious Mr. Enter (if you haven’t heard of him, check him out), etc.

  4. I’ll go ahead and throw my top 5 Disney movies out.

    1. Wreck-It Ralph
    2. Tarzan
    3. Lilo and Stitch
    4. Treasure Planet
    5. Mulan

    Glad to see four out of five of those got a lot of votes. Except Treasure Planet, you jerks. Also whatever jerk gave a vote to Dinosaur instead of Bolt. If you’re gonna give a joke vote, at least give it to a good movie!

    *puts that person on my hit list*

    BTW, my favorite review is Aladdin.

    1. Hey, treasure Planet got one vote, which is more than a lot of other Disney movies got. I think quite a few people (like me) have treasure Planet high, but not on the first place.

  5. personal top 5:
    #1. fantasia
    #2. beauty and the beast
    #3. frozen
    #4. pinocchio
    #5. the little mermaid
    and all of them are 10/10s in my opinion

  6. Welp, I can’t say I’m surprised.

    My personal Top 5 Disney films (which are subject to change due to my mind constantly changing:

    #1. Hunchback of Notre Dame (If it wasn’t for a couple of moments where Disney remembered this was a Disney film, and forced in comic relief moments/the gargoyles, this would be perfect)
    #2. Fantasia (Sorry Unshaved Mouse, but I’ve always loved the music and the animation, resulting in one beautiful masterpiece.)
    #3. Mulan (One of the quinisential feminist films, and it’s a family film no less.)
    #4. Wreck it Ralph (I was so surprised by how much I loved this film. I mean considering the films it beat out on this list. But the more I re-watched it, the more I could see just how deep it was.)
    #5. The Great Mouse Detective (You saw this one coming mouse. Not the best disney film, but it’s the one of the ones I enjoy the most. If you ever wanted to get kids into Sherlock Homes, this may be the best gateway drug to do so.)

    And my personal favourite review of yours is…The Three Caballeros!

    Speaking as someone who loved this film as a kid (and still kinda do), I loved every moment of the review, from all the mind-freaks you went through, to the plot twist that Panchito is the Devil and Jose is his dark servant, there’s a reason why you often reference this review in later reviews.

    Best of luck to you! (And I can’t wait for more content from you!)

  7. Well, now that I’ve actually SEEN Big Hero Six, it actually deserved MORE votes. But I suppose 3 was fine, given that it was a nonexistent movie at that point (grumble grumble). What did you think Mouse, being a Marvel fan, Disney fan, and comic book writer? Just first impressions.

  8. I’m late with this, but my favourites are (in no particular order):

    Sometimes it’s not so good, but the good stuff is so good that it kind of…. cancels out the bad stuff? IDK.
    I love this. I’ll Make A Man Out Of You has made a home in my brain.
    Lilo and Stitch
    I like this one a lot, because: A; It pulls at the heartstrings while not being overly soppy, and B; It tells the three stories of Nani, Lilo and Stitch flawlessly.
    Emperor’s New Groove
    How can I not love this, it’s responsible for half of me and my friend’s in-jokes!
    I don’t know why. I just love this one.

    1. And I didn’t vote at all for anything (sorry, I was busy), but my favourite review was Black Cauldron, because I hate that film and we share so many of the same opinions.

      Also, I know that because of the plot (HK transporting you to the Bluthiverse), you couldn’t really describe why you gave those scores, but can I ask why?

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