Charity Movie Deathmatch: At last, the madness ends…

Balto Fett


Iron Giant Rides the Bomb

Drop your sword

“Drop. Your. Sword.”

Fritz sitting down

"Shall I dispatch him for you?"

“Shall I dispatch him for you?”

"No, I want him to live a long life alone with his cowardice."

“No, I want him to live a long life alone with his cowardice.”

Well, the 2015 Unshaved Mouse Charity Movie Deathmatch has finally come to a close.

Now, we must rebuild.

Huge thanks to everyone who donated (I’ll let you know how much we raised when I’ve counted everything up) and here are the four movies that will be reviewed:

3rd Place: Fievel Goes West & Secret of Nimh (tied)

2nd Place: Fritz the Cat

1st Place: Watership Down



  1. Dammit, I knew we should’ve conspired to make sure our favorites tied.

    Just kidding. I know nothing about any of these four movies, but I look forward to the reviews.

  2. We got two legendarily good movies, one I’ve heard is very good, and one that–if the reports are true–will likely cause Mouse to lapse into despair.

    /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

    Ah well. I’m sure nothing bad can come of that, and I do hope that Mrs. Mouse will accept the explanation of “the Internet made me do it”.

    Seriously though, the tie ensuring that we get a surfeit of great movies was unexpected and wonderful. I am looking forward immensely to this.

    1. Well if he was open enough to state he watched porn in that Fifty Shades related post, I take it the Missus at least isn’t exceedingly judgy. Or he just really, really trusts her to never read this blog.

  3. Feivel Goes West- Very bad sequal to the fourthbest animated film ever made, but a negative review would be great.
    Fritz the Cat- “I know Nuthin.”
    Secret of NIMH- Number five on my list. A return to the alternate universe of Don Bluth might be in store. {:-)
    Watership Down- I watched it shortly after reading the book, and I just feel it is an inferior version of the book. If you are wondering about any plot holes when reviewing it Mouse I probably know if it is an adaption induced plot hole or not.

      1. The book actually got me to cry with the line
        “I’ll kill him.”
        Should be a fun review.
        I should have guessed you knew the book,as with the exception of 101 dalmations it always seems you know the original story (Peter Pan being the most obvious).

    1. I actually quite enjoy Fievel Goes West. It’s not great, but it’s good enough. It was Jimmy Stewart’s final film

  4. So the cat bests the mice, but is bested by the rabbit, who leaves the cat alone to be a fraidy cat for nine excruciating lives in which he gets humiliatingly roasted by a rodent while the rabbit survives to herald the blooming of Marie’s inner powers. What a finale.

      1. You saying we shouldn’t take it off the table that Mouse will end up falling in love with Fritz The Cat and incurring the wrath of the biggest angry mob since the Chicken Little review?

  5. Would’ve liked to see Iron Giant make it to the end. But at least Secret of NIMH and Watership Down made it! Was I the one that suggested WD in the first place? Let me check…

  6. It’s probably a good thing I wasn’t able to contribute to this… I would have just picked the freakiest shit I could think of for the lolz.
    I mean, Shortbus has animated titles- it totally counts, right?

    1. I could have sworn that Mouse said that it was already scheduled to be reviewed? If not, we have to find some way to right this wrong.


    Oh well, your review of that should be entertaining at least. And after that, BURN IN HELL FRITZ THE CAT

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