Make Mine Music Video Review

The Make Mine Music video review is now up and here and waiting and let’s go party YAY! Erik’s really done a fantastic job with this one so be sure to check it out.



  1. Nice work, Erik!

    Haha, I’d forgotten that part about ‘Song of the South’. I have a feeling Mouse would have reacted to it veeery differently now.

  2. Ha ha, wow, it felt like looking through a portal in time to see an Unshaved Mouse review that didn’t have a comical misunderstanding of base ball. Also, loved the evil computer. Erik’s mad rantings are on spot too.

    This one might have done well with a few more visuals (I have to admit, I had it a bit soft for the random number photos in the previous scoring segments), but then again, the screen text’s snarky responses to Mouse’s narratives was pretty funny.

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