I am in all places. I am everywhere.

I love TV Tropes. I love it so much. And now I am TV Tropes! Unshaved Mouse has it’s own page (thanks to Rubber Lotus) so head over there and check it out, and be sure to add any tropes you can think of.

I don’t know what Tumblr is. I do not understand it. It frightens and confuses me. But thanks to the missus I am now apparently on it so if any of you are also on it, follow me and we shall be on it together. Together on the Tumblr. Doing…whatever people do on Tumblr. It’s a good chance to catch up on old reviews (complete with my notes on how my opinions on certain movies might have changed, and noting the first appearences of once beloved but now largely forgotten characters like Caveman Pangea and Anarchist Libertarian Haddock.) So…Tumblr, Tv Tropes. Am I forgetting anything?


“Yes, Satan?”

“Yes, Satan?”

“Oh. Um. Never mind. #heartbroken.

“Oh. Um. Never mind.” #heartbroken

All the reviews and some of the larger posts will be going up over the next weeks where they shall be Tumbld to meet the demands of the new media landscape.
I am old.


  1. But you had a Twitter. You stopped updating on it around the time you went to Bahia.

    And, don’t worry, tumblr still scares me. Some really mean people there, though you can avoid them if you’re careful. Most of the time. Intrestingly, my friend got his first anonymous hate mail a day ago and he’s been on tumblr for two years.

      1. If you avoid blogs titled askcishetwhiteopressor or peakradfem you’ll generally be alright. And, yes, both are real blogs. The first thinks all nonbinary people view themselves as special snowflakes and the second one thinks transgender women don’t deserve to be included in feminism and that male abuse survivors don’t count.

        Yeah, fun.

        You forgot the password? That happens a lot lol I have three emails I haven’t opened since I was eleven

  2. I would have helped you to improve your page on TV Tropes, but I had to leave the site because some people over there were such self-important jerks to me. Ugh, bad memories! That was a real shame too, because I used to enjoy myself there until I just gave up.

  3. I once got myself a Twitter account. I literally couldn’t make heads or tails of what to do with it, and I haven’t touched it ever since.

    I know I’m asking like six months early, but this Christmas, could you please make a special review for Mickey’s Christmas Carol, before I forget to ask? I mean, it even has connections to the Animated Canon (through Fun and Fancy Free, Pinocchio, and Ichabod& Mr. Toad).

    1. I’ve always wanted to see Mouse do a Christmas Episode, but I’m not sure he can do anything original after the zillion and one Yet Another Christmas Carol plots that everyone else has given us. Plus, the Disney Carol might be too short to squeeze a review out of.

  4. Followed! Tumblr confuses everyone at first, no worries. Soon you will be ridiculously addicted to it. One of us, one of us…

  5. Does this mean you are the alpha and the omega, as well?

    Oy…I just had a conversation about tumblr with a younger friend and yeah…don’t get it at all. Why not just use wordpres I asked him, “But tumblr is a micro blog and funner!” grumble grumble -wags cane- I like my nice safe wordpress! But glad to see you have one, I suppose, will defs check it out!

  6. Another thing, on the subject of Pixar, since you’ve said you have problems finding things to say about their movies because they’re so universally loved, why not trying to review Brave? It has a lot of detractors (although I actually like it a lot), and it’s controversial enough, I imagine. Besides, you’ve already reviewed all the other Princess movies.

    1. Well, at the moment the animated movies I’m working through are from readers who donated to Joanna or winners of the Charity Movie Deathmatch. Other than that I’ll be focusing on Marvel movies, but if enough people vote for Brave in the next Deathmatch, sure.

  7. Twitter has its uses. I namely use it to follow baseball news, movie news, videogame news, plus random other people that I find funny.

    Just follow this and you’ll be OK

  8. By the way, since I’m relatively new at the blog, here’s something that has been bugging me; why is ‘Bahia’ the synonym with mind-breaking madness when the horrific climax of ultimate insanity actually takes place at Mexico, where the Red Rooster resides in his final circle of Hell? Is it because Bahia rolls better from the tongue, or because there’s a greater chance of offending someone if using the much more populated Mexico?

    1. Bahia knows neither time nor space. Bahia is everywhere, lurking in the darkest recesses of the human subconscious, and in the coldest depths of shadow. So, deep in the parts of our hearts and minds that we try to ignore, the places where hatred and evil wait for a chance to surface, we already know the answer to the ubiquitous question; have you been to Bahia?

    2. I think it’s because Bahia came first, and was already established as a bizarre hellhole (“Once you’ve been to Bahia, you’ll NEVER return!”). The climax takes place in Mexico, but I don’t think it actually has much to do with Mexico itself.

    3. Okay, Bahia is not actually hell. The people of Bahia kidnapped Walt’s daughter to force him to feature their province in one of his movies. As you can imagine, that did not go well for them. Walt ripped Bahia from its tethers in this world and transformed it into a realm of perpetual madness. However, Walt, being a black sorcerer, did draw on the power of the Red Rooster to accomplish this, meaning that Panchito now has lordship over Bahia and uses it as a kind of summer-hell.

  9. Sweetness, a TV tropes page! Also, Tumblr! Guess I’d better leave the obligatory comment to beware the day when the Song of the South review goes up. I’ve heard worrisome things.

  10. Can you be on Facebook? As a page, not necessarily as a person (btw, just so you know your personal page is quite easy to find)
    just came back after a year long hiatus, caught up on reading all your reviews in 2 days, and I want to be sure that I don’t stay away for so long this time!

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