Batman will save us.


If you’re reading this message, that can only mean one thing. I wasn’t able to get the review finished before my surgery on Monday. As you read this my gallstones have been removed and have been taken to a temple in Egypt in a last ditch effort to stop the Ultimate Evil destroying the Earth.

If they weren't actually this big, they sure as hell felt like it.

If they weren’t actually this big, they sure as hell felt like it.

I myself am now recuperating in hospital, hopefully out of my gourd on painkillers. But what about you guys? How can I leave my faithful readers without the animated reviews they crave like snarky manna from internet heaven? Allow me to recommend Manhattan Below Fourteenth Street by regular commenter Rubber Lotus. He’s in the middle of a project to review every episode of the unloved 2004-2008 cartoon series The Batman, which confusingly starred “a Batman” rather than “The Batman.”

A Batman.

“A” Batman.

THE Batman.

THE Batman.

It’s funny, snarky, insightful, often surprisingly affectionate and, long story short, you dig my stuff you will dig his.  Keep checking in for the Interstella 5555 review, I hopefully won’t be too late with it.

Thanks for all the well wishing.


UPDATE: It is now up. Hope you enjoy.


  1. Wow, watched this show a lot as a kid, but the confusing thing was that where I live Batman TAS aired in reruns on a different channel and I watched them both.
    At the same time.
    And I liked them both.

  2. Good riddance to those damned stones! May they be messily devoured by the oxyrhynchus fish to never resurface again!

    Good to know the surgery has apparently gone well or at least hasn’t destroyed you. Feel better soon Mister Mouse!

  3. Hello, Mouse. I’m a long-time reader since you first started with your fair review of Snow White, and I sincerely hope you’ll feel better soon. You are one of the best reviewers of animation I’ve read online, with humor that can make even Doug Walker jealous.

    I took a read of Rubber Lotus’s take on *ahem* “‘The’ Batman”, and while I vehemently disagree with most everything he says in his reviews, I can’t help but get a feeling that you might be onto something here. He’s definitely a decent reviewer, even if he seems to borrow one too many tricks from you, my Unshaved friend (he is a child of the Aughts, after all, but that is not his fault, although it certainly explains his gross underestimation of “THE” true Batman cartoon show).

    Maybe I’m not the only one thinking this, but I would love to see the two of you someday review a piece of Bat-imation that both of you find kind of iffy, just to see how two people from vastly different backgrounds and cultural exposure find common ground on a topic you both love. But that is but a wish on my part. I wish you the healthiest and fastest of recoveries, and I look forward to your future reviews!

    1. Yes, I’ve definitely been getting a lot of (well-worded) criticism lately. That’s part of why the latest review won’t be up for a while (that, and it’s such a *nothing* episode that I’m struggling to find something to say).

      Thanks for the kind words – I’ve been hoping me and Mouse can co-review something one day, though I don’t know what just yet. “The Batman” has two episodes guest-starring UM favorite Patrick Warburton, but we could also go with The Batman versus Dracula…

      … or something else entirely. As much of a comics junkie as I am when it comes to Batman, I’m actually fairly inexperienced in the TV shows and movies (though I did watch all 65 original episodes of BTAS some time before beginning the blog).

      That said… care to share some of the things you vehemently disagree with me on? I love some healthy debate.

      1. Well I think you’re super funny, but I just cannot for the life of me get behind the show. I kind of wish you would rail it more like you do with The Other Show (which I believe is fantastic, and while NOT overrated still not perfect).

  4. It’s a nice blog, but I think it still has to find its own voice. I wish you the best of lucks at that, Rubber.

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