Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem (2003)

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So one day Music was walking down the street somewhere in early twentieth century America and he was feeling on top of the world. Thanks to fancy new technologies like the wireless and phonograph, and this crazy new thing called “Jasz”, more people were listening to Music than ever before and that suited Music just fine.
“Hey there Mistah Music!” the newspaper boys would call as they heard him pass by and Music would tip his hat to them courteously.
Occasionally a bum would yell “You think yer so big! With your phonygrams an’ ragtime! I remember when you was bein’ spit out of a harmonica!” And then Music would drag the loud-mouthed drunk into an alley way, knife him repeatedly, and leave his body as a warning to the other bums.
He stopped on a street corner to roll himself a ludicrously expensive old-timey cigar. It was then that Music saw a tiny, starving artform, no more than a few years old, flickering and shivering on a filthy doorstep.
“Hey kid.” Said Music “What’s eatin’ ya?”
“Golly gee!” Said the infant artform “Who said that?” (Because of course, Music cannot be seen, as Music is an eight legged dragon covered in hooks and shimmering scales that go up and down, up and down and anyone who saw him would instantly go mad.)
“What’s your name, son?” Music asked kindly.
“Animation, mistah.” said Animation “I was just born and ain’t got no cultural relevancy. And I wants cultural relevancy so bad!”
“Well Animation.” Said Music “I’ve been looking for a smart young visual medium to help me expand my business ventures. I like you kid, ya got moxie. You got razzmatazz comin’ out the hooey. You and me could do great things together, kid. Whattya say?”
And so Music and his young new protégé formed a partnership that would stand the test of time. So influential was the fusion of music and animation that it even wiped out other artforms that were hugely popular at the time but have now been almost totally forgotten, like smell sculpture, colour-dancing and Grand Schmopera.
Animation has grown up a lot since the early days and can now stand on its own two feet as a medium. But if you look at the very early animated shorts from the twenties and thirties, you see that animation was almost solely used to give a visual component to music. There’s a reason those series of cartoon shorts have names like Looney Tunes, Silly Symphonies and Merry Melodies. And the link lasted long after animation had started maturing into a more narrative based style with its own way of telling stories. At Disney, even after Snow White and Pinocchio we still had movies like Make Mine Music, Melody Time and Fantasia where the animation is very much guided by and in service to the music.
Animation and Music, to put it plainly, are tight. They go way back. They’re best buds. When Film kicks Animation out of the house, he crashes on Music’s couch. Music was the best man at Animation’s wedding, Animation is the godfather of Music’s child…Music…Junior…okay the analogies are breaking down in a big way, moving on.
Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem is French electro act Daft Punk’s 2003 album Discovery. Daft Punk are a band who…
Shit shit shit. Okay, I really didn’t want to do this, but I’m going to have to ask for some help from by evil brother, The Unscrupulous Mouse. See, he may be a twisted maniac, but he’s also a pretty awesome musician and he knows more about house music than anyone else I know.
"Ha" I knew the day would come when you would bow before my greatness, brother!"

“Ha! I knew the day would come when you would bow before my genius, brother!”

"Oh just get it over with."

“Oh get on with it.”

"Wait a minute, Mouse."

“Wait a minute, Mouse.”

"What is it, Nit?"

“What is it, Nit?”

"I thought The Unscrupulous Mouse was your brother Eamonn? Donal's your brother who's a musician!"

“I thought The Unscrupulous Mouse was your brother Eamonn? Donal’s your brother who’s a musician!”

"Eh...he's...look, he's a composite character. I have three younger brothers. He's based on all of them."

“Eh…he’s…look, he’s a composite character. I have three younger brothers. He’s based on all of them.”

"Younger? But TV Tropes said he's based on your OLDER brother!"

“Younger? But TV Tropes said he’s based on your OLDER brother!”

"Yes. Sometimes TV Tropes can be wrong."

“Yes. Sometimes TV Tropes can be wrong.”



"I thought The Unscrupulous Mouse was your brother Eamonn? Donal's your brother who's a musician!"

“Look, are we doing this thing or what?”

"Enlighten us, Maestro."

“Enlighten us, Maestro.”

"A person can talk endlessly about Daft Punk's music career. Their iconic house tracks revolutionised dance music in the mid 90's and their re-imagining of funk music brought it roaring back into the mainstream until pretty much right now."

“A person can talk endlessly about Daft Punk’s music career. Their iconic house tracks revolutionised dance music in the mid 90’s and their re-imagining of funk music brought it roaring back into the mainstream right up to the present day.”

"But the main reason for Daft Punk's success is that they are completely anonymous. That means that it is impossible to hate them! They have no opinions, attributes or features and so can be judged solely on the merits of their music. The hipsters can't hate them because they're earlier music can be compared to what is popular in the underground scene at the minute, and all of the main stream listeners can't dislike them because....well I honestly believe that social media has brainwashed these people so they will like anything they've heard more than fifty times in the one day (Example: Get Lucky)."

“But the main reason for Daft Punk’s success is that they are completely anonymous. That means that it is impossible to hate them! They have no opinions, attributes or features and so can be judged solely on the merits of their music. The hipsters can’t hate them because their earlier music can be compared to what is popular in the underground scene at the minute, and all of the mainstream listeners can’t dislike them because….well I honestly believe that social media has brainwashed these people so they will like anything they’ve heard more than fifty times in the one day (Example: Get Lucky). “

"You don't like Get Lucky? You monster!"

“You don’t like Get Lucky? You monster!”

"In conclusion, the only reason you can hate Daft Punk is because they're French and have silly names."

“In conclusion, the only reason you can hate Daft Punk is because they’re French and have silly names. Now if you’ll excuse, my dark genius is needed elsewhere.”


Interstella 5555 is certainly not the first attempt to turn an album into a full length movie (you’re got The Wall and Yellow Submarine to name two), nor is it the first time Japan and France have collaborated in animation (Uly-seeee-eeeeeeeeee-eeeee-es). You might not know this (I certainly didn’t), but manga is absolutely HUGE in France, making up around half of all comics published there.

Likewise, animé has had a big presence on French TV for many decades, with most young Frenchlings having grown up watching shows like Dragon Ball Z and Robotech. Little wonder then, when Daft Punk were looking for a studio to animate their album, they looked East, not West. Specifically, they turned to legendary animator Leiji Matsumoto (the guy behind practically every animé TV series from the seventies and eighties) and Interstella 5555 is the product of their creative union. How did it turn out? Let’s take a look.
So the movie begins with footage of an interview with Matsumoto, flanked by Daft Punk in their robot costumes, discussing the origin of the film. Although, what with the grainy black and white footage, it looks more like the bit in a fifties sci-fi movie where the mad scientist announces to the world that his robot army will destroy them all.
“Fools! You called me mad! You denied the beauty of my children! But now the whole world shall bow before the steel legions of Doctor Matsumoto!”

“Fools! You called me mad! You denied the beauty of my children! But now the whole world shall bow before the steel legions of Doctor Matsumoto!”

That over and done with, the movie proper actually begins. So listen up, here’s the story, about a blue band who live in a blue world. And all day and night and everyone they know is blue, like them, inside and outside. I’m just going to go ahead and call the band the Crescendolls, even though they only get given that name later on in the movie. The Crescendolls are keyboardist/vocalist Octave, Arpegius on lead guitar, Baryl the drummer and Stella, who’s the bassist and possibly some kind of universal constant because I swear to God every last female character in this thing looks exactly like her.

All the same

I’m actually not going to review every single song in this (we’d be hear all day). You probably know what Daft Punk sound like and if you’re a fan you’re a fan, and if you’re not you’re not. The planet of the smurfs here is most definitely a fan as we see that pretty much every living thing on this planet is watching this concert, even the guys whose job it is to keep an eye out for invading aliens.


One of the little blue dudes sees an approaching ship and raises the alarm in the agreed manner, flinging himself in slow motion while knocking over a glass of water which crashes to the ground in a dramatic fashion.
The second track “Aerodynamic” now begins and its probably my favourite sequence in the whole movie. A squad of sinister, gas-mask wearing goons beam down from the alien spaceship and gas the band and the crowd with pink knock-out spray, with only Arpegius managing to escape. I love the fact that Baryl’s last act before he slips into unconsciousness is to hit the cymbal one last time.
"No! Must...rock...must...rock!"

“No! Must…rock…must…rock!”

Arpegius flees, managing to knock out a few of the attackers, while the aliens gather up the remaining unconscious band members.

"Dude, sure you got the right girl?" "I...uh...yes? Maybe?"

“Dude, sure you got the right girl?”
“I…uh…yes? Maybe?”

 Arpegio is finally captured by one of the aliens who has a wicked cool crossbow. The band members and their instruments are loaded up into the waiting ship and flown away. On board, a shadowy figure smiles and laughs maniacally. The blue aliens still on the planet start to wake up and realise that someone’s taken their tasty beats so they send out a distress signal to one of their deep space vessels. Hmmm…okay, we’re going to need an absolute badass for this mission. A blue, alien badass.
"I like the way you think, boy,"

“I like the way you think, boy,”

Eh, we should be so lucky. Our intrepid space hero is actually named Shep (Shep? Really? Space Hero Shep? Shep of the Cosmos? Shep, the Doom of Worlds?) who we first see polishing his guitar shaped spaceship from the outside. As character introductions go, I’ve certainly seen worse. Shep sings “Digital Love” and inside his ship we see a load of Crescendolls merchandise and a big ass poster of Stella over his bed. Shep lies on his bed and daydreams about dancing with her and it’s pretty clear that he wants nothing more than to get Inter Stella I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry. He’s awoken by the distress call and one of the blue dudes gives him a very succint plot summary of the last two music videos. Horrified, Shep runs a few diagnostic checks to ensure that Shep’s ship’s ship-shape and blasts off after the alien ship. He follows it into a portal that takes him through a cosmic dimension so acid-trippy that Shep’s lucky he doesn’t turn into a Star Baby and emerges out the other side with his ship badly damaged. The alien ship arrives at earth and makes its re-entry, transforming into a jumbo jet in the process. Meanwhile, Shep crash lands in a forest and is knocked unconscious.

"Oh man. I hope they send someone to rescue me."

“Oh man. I hope they send someone to rescue me.”

 Meanwhile, the still-unconscious Crecendolls are put through a conveyor built system that spray paints their skin that weird utterly unnameable and undefinable colour that white people are. Except Octave, who gets to be black, presumably because he has an Afro.

I spent five goddamned hours trying to come up with a joke about this situation that wouldn’t get me blacklisted by the Southern Poverty Law Centre and I got nothing so let’s just move on.

This whole sequence is set to “Harder Better Faster Stronger” which is probably the best known song from Discovery, not least because it was memorably covered by ohhhhhhhhh crap here we go…

"Mouse! Mouse! Imma let you finish your review! But Beyonce had one of the best music videos of all time?"

“Mouse! Mouse! Imma let you finish your review! But Beyonce had one of the best music videos of all time!”



Three women in front of a grey background. Truly, this is our generations Thriller.

Three women in front of a grey background.                     Truly, this is our generation’s Thriller.

Okay so we finally see our villain for the first time, Earl de Darkwood, who is in the unique position of having a last name that’s too evil and a first name that’s not evil enough. Darkwood takes the brainwashed aliens to a recording studio where he introduces them to a young record exec. The exec extends his hand but the Crecendolls just stare blankly into space, clearly drugged out of their minds. Since this is nothing out of the ordinary in the music business, they get to work recording their first album. Their music is so awesome that they instantly become the most successful and beloved band on earth.

I take it humility was never part of your programming?

I take it humility was never part of your programming?

 Meanwhile Shep has managed to make his way to the city from the crash site and stands on a hill, looking over this alien world.

"This city needs a protector. It needs...Shep."

“This city needs a protector. It needs…Shep.”

Wandering through the darkened streets, Shep sees posters for the Crescendolls everywhere and realises that his people’s music has been appropriated by the music industry (take a number, pally). Darkwood plans a massive concert in an open air stadium and appears before the crowd to rapturous applause.

Okay, brainwashed blue aliens Ill buy, but the idea that people would either know or care who owns the band is simply ludicrous."

Okay, brainwashed blue aliens I’ll buy, but the idea that people would either know or care who owns the band is simply ludicrous.

As the concert starts we get an absolutely kickass sequence where Shep jetpacks out of the sky and then crashes the stage, using a remote control device to break the mind control of Octave, Baryl and Arpegius. The crowd is aghast, presumably thinking that the Crecendolls have started beefing with the Blue Man Group.

These boys dont play.

These boys don’t play.

Unfortunately, Darkwood gets to Stella before Shep can free and they have to escape without her.



Shep and the three male band-members escape in a van, pursued by two of Darkwood’s bodyguards. The goons’ car collides with an oncoming articulated truck and their car explodes, but not before one of them manages to shoot Shep in the back. Fatally wounded, Shep manages to drive the van to safety. Meanwhile, the two bodyguards limp from the wreckage of the car, metal showing beneath torn skin, their eyes flowing red.

"Fuck you asshole."

“Fuck you asshole.”

Why no “You whores!” joke? Bored with it. Simple as.

Meanwhile, Darkwood puts all his energy into promoting Stella’s solo career now that her bandmates have been freed by an ally from their home planet.

Exact same thing happened to the Black Eyed Peas, weirdly enough.

Exact same thing happened to the Black Eyed Peas, weirdly enough.

 Darkwood takes the still-brainwashed Stella to a fashion show where she can watch her own clones parading past wearing various different outfits.

"Welcome home, sister."

“Welcome home, sister.”

 Seriously, what is up with these character designs?

Later, at an awards ceremony, the Crescendolls win the award for best new band which everyone is super happy about, even Daft Punk who were competing against them.

"Meh, we get royalties either way."

“Meh, we get royalties either way.”

Darkwood collects a golden record but Baryl is in the crowd and he manages to break Stella’s mental controls and she flees the stage. Octave has a taxi waiting for them outside and they head to an abandoned warehouse. Inside, they find Arpegius and Shep, who ain’t doing so good. Shep and Stella have a…mind meld? I think? They go dancing together in his mindscape and I think the idea is that she’s falling in love with him but her expression would have to change for me to be sure and clearly modern animation techniques just aren’t there yet. After this, Shep dies. Wow. I guess you really shouldn’t meet your heroes.

 The band drive out into the countryside to bury Shep’s body and really fuck with the heads of future archaelogists. They bury him and then his bright blue glowing spirit appears overhead and then flies off into the stars

I love the way Octave is the only one whos like "What the fuck just happened?"

I love the way Octave is the only one who’s like “What the fuck just happened?”

So. What’re four aliens trapped on Earth with nothing but a van to do?

The "A" stands for alien.

The “A” stands for alien.

While that would no doubt be awesome, they decide to get to the bottom of just who Darkwood is and why he abducted them from their home planet. They drive down many dark and windy country roads until finally they reach Darkwood manor.

Or possibly Castle Duckula

Or possibly Castle Duckula.

They break in and uncover a secret passage when Baryl tries to turn on a lamp. Because that’s how you keep a secret passage secret. By making the trigger that opens it something that someone would do naturally without thinking. Deep in the bowls of the manor they find a book that explains everything. I’d say that’s kind of a cheat but this a movie that has no dialogue so I’ll give them a pass on the use of the Encyclopedia Expositiania. So here’s the deal: Darkwood is an immortal who’s been alive for thousands of years. He’s been abducting musicans from other planets and disguising them as humans, using their talent to win gold records.

"So all pop stars are aliens?" "Nah, not as many as you might think."

“So all pop stars are aliens?”
“Nah, not as many as you might think.”

Once Darwood has 5,555 gold records this will grant him the power to conquer the universe.

Not the stupidest evil plan Ive come across. Not even close.

Not the stupidest evil plan I’ve come across. Not even close.

 Okay, so the four get captured by Da Terminadas and brought before Darkwood who’s conducting the final ritual that involves a giant metal pillar with the golden discs encased in it and a big glowing space for a person and…and…I…I have no idea what the fuck I’m watching here.

A villainous monologue really wouldnt go amiss here.

You fiend! You’ll never get away with this! Whatever it is!

So Darkwood puts Stella in the glowing person slot because apparently that’s needed for the ritual? So…why were you already conducting the ritual before Stella was even captured? Surely you should have been out looking for her to get her to complete the ritual instead of enacting the ritual that wouldn’t work without her? Unless you somehow knew the Crescendolls would find their way to Castle Duckula in the middle of the night just in time for the ritual and that your cyborgs would capture her at that exact moment…oh wait, let me guess.

"It was all part of my..."

“It was all part of my…”

All part of your plan. Yeah. Sure. Moving on. So Arpegius manages to to grab a gun and shoot the two cyborgs and rescue Stella. Darkwood gets knocked into a pit and falls to his doom. I like a villain who respects the classics, so points there. Darkwood’s death triggers a volcanic eruption sure, sure, seems legit and the Crescendolls have to make tracks out of there before their albums seriously  increase in value. Now, here’s a big problem with this movie. Our villain is dead, our main conflict has been resolved and everything else should just be narrative tidying up. But there’s still three tracks, or around a quarter of the movie’s run-time, left to go. Not helping matters is the fact that the album front-loads the good stuff and leaves the filler to end which means that the final act of the movie is a bit of a slog.

The band then decide to break into the recording studio where Darkwood has stored their of their old lives on data disks which they need to get back…even though they seem to have gotten their memories back already so what even the hell?

Weirdly, they send in Octave alone and he gets tazered by the security guards so badly that he reverts to his natural blue skin colour. The security guys freak out because a) it’s a frickin’ alien and b) they tazered a guy who wasn’t actually black and now there might even be some kind of legal consequences.

So now the authorities get involved and, after studying the ruins of Darkwood’s manor, they piece together what happened. Unlike in a lot of sci-fi where the government tries to keep this kind of thing tightly under wraps, the nightly news actually informs the population that for centuries, mankind’s greatest musicians were actually brainwashed aliens in the service of an immortal warlock seeking to amass enough gold records to conquer the universe.

"We realise this is a lot to take in."

“We realise this is a lot to take in.”

Shep’s ship is also found and repaired to allow it to take the Crescendolls back to their home planet, and the motion is voted on in the United Nations and passes.

Huh. Whats Stella doing in the UN...OH ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!

Huh. What’s Stella doing in the UN…OH ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!

Our heroes return to their home planet and resume to concept from where they left off. Their music gets broadcast back to Earth and both planets rock out in harmony.

Aaaaaaand then we zoom out until we see that the entire story took place in the mind of a small boy who was listening to a Daft Punk record.

What a...twist?"

What a…twist?”

If you’re a huge Daft Punk fan then the music is worth the price of admission alone. As a story though, Interstella 5555 starts strong but begins to drag long before the credits roll around. It’s kind of hard to care about the Crescendolls, as they never really coalesce as characters. As a series of music videos it’s great, but as a movie it’s definitely less than the sum of its parts.
Animation: 07/20
It’s classic eighties TV animé, with everything that entails, both good and bad. The good is trippy concepts, neon colours and sugar-rush sci-fi action. The bad is repetitive character design and animation recycling.
Leads: 10/20
The band is bland and completely lacking in personality. But enough about One Direction.
Villain: 11/20
His plan is to take over the universe by amassing Golden Records. Points for originality.
Supporting Characters: 10/20
Not so much “supporting” as “background”. Can’t go wrong with terminator bodyguards though.
Music: 18/20
I can dig it.
NEXT UPDATE: 23 July 2015
NEXT TIME: The year is 50 BC and all Gaul is occupied by the Romans. All? Not quite…
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  1. To be honest, this movie held my interest more than Fantasia or any of the similar movies Disney did. Not to say Fantasia is a bad movie, but Interstella 5555 was better for me because it has one story that it tells throughout the whole movie, while Fantasia had multiple stories that weren’t all even actually stories. Also, I much preferred the Daft Punk music in Interstella over the classical music of Fantasia. I was tapping my foot throughout the whole movie.

  2. Of course the Black-Eyed Peas are aliens! ‘Black-Eyed Peas’ is an anagram for ‘Ske Bleep Yadac’! All this time, their terrible music was just an adorable attempt to fit into our crazy Earth scene! How many others are there?

  3. As a musician, all the the music jokes had me cracking up so much in this review. The two that were my favorites were the Black Eyed Peas and the pop musician ones, though XD Great review, as always Mouse!

  4. Awww, I was kind of hoping this review would just be like 5000 words of Mouse gushing about how amazing Daft Punk is. Oh well, good stuff as usual.

    I love Daft Punk. Love love love love love love love them. Discovery is my all time favorite album, “One More Time” and “Digital Love” are two of my all time favorite songs. This movie isn’t great but goddam is it a fun watch if you love Daft Punk. And I don’t know what you’re talking about, Mouse, saying the end of the album is filler, the last two tracks are “Face to Face” and “Too Long” and those are both great!

    So I have to admit, I have no idea what the next review is going to be. Who are those two vikings?

      1. Oh, there are movies. A lot of movies. And you are missing out if you don’t read Asterix. (Though I guess for non-Europeans it might be difficult to get some of the cultural in-jokes).

      2. Don’t make me choose! I think it may be Asterix and the Laurel Wreath. Drunk Obelix is always a gift from heaven. Or Obelix and Company. Or Asterix and Cleopatra. Or…

      3. Lol….I see. I always had a soft spot for “Asterix and the Banquet”, “The Chieftain’s Shield” and “Asterix the Legionary” among others. (Strangely I never really liked The Laurel Wreath…it’s not bad, but it also never really left an impression).

      1. Asterix the Legionary gets my vote. Ptennisnet for the win! Also, I remember enjoying The Great Divide with Codfix and his wily, slippery shenanigans.

  5. Oh…which Asterix movie will you do? The first one? Please tell me that it is not Asterix in Britain…that one is awful! Is it Victory over Cesar? Please let it be that one…it is easily the best of the bunch (though the last one was good, too)….

    Yes, I am a giant Asterix fan. Hated the life action versions and the comics really have suffered in quality since the original writer died. But otherwise I dig everything Asterix. It is literally the only comic I read during my childhood other than Mickey Mouse. Because Asterix is awesome. On every level.

      1. What???? Please, please tell me you are joking. I mean, this is the first encounter a lot of readers will have with Asterix and that’s what they get first? It is literally the only Asterix movie which is boring.

      2. Ummm if you say so? I have yet to actually see a good Asterix movie (though that might just be poor English dubs). Regardless, that’s what the donor requested and I’m a Mouse of my word.

      3. Have you seen “The twelve Tasks of Asterix” ? It’s the one I was talking about (I just looked up the proper English title). It is kind of special because it is not based on the comics, but an entirely original story. I especially love this part:
        The last one was also pretty good, despite being CGI. But then, it was based on “The Mansions of the Gods”, which is one of my favourite Asterix comics.

      4. Looking at the English scene…you are right, it’s the dubbing. The German version is way better. The people talk more naturally and sound more realistic.

      5. Oh god, the voice acting in that clip is just awful.

        Also is it just me or does anyone else get a weird Monty Python vibe from the animation style?

    1. They are actually Celts, not Vikings. If they use winged helmets is because both the Vikings and Celts were fused into the common imaginary of Europe, at least until the latter half of the 20th century.

    Which one which one I gotta know please let it not be the only bad animated one (aka the Vikings) ! Oh you better watch it in french ! And don’t you dare say aniything bad about it slqhkqlsdjkqlsdjkqs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Astérix in Britain is the one I saw the most when I was little, so I can’t help to love it. Have you seen the recent CGI one “The Mansions of the Gods” ? For me it’s the best Astérix movie, all genres included.
        It’s a shame you’ll have to miss on Roger Carel’s fantastic and iconic voice though. Did you know he did the voice for the french version of Disney’s Cheshire cat (the old one) and the Great Mouse Detective, among maaaaany other things ?

    1. Oh…right…I take back what I said above, if there is one Asterix animated movie which is worse than “in Britain” it’s “The Vikings”…shudder….

  7. Great Review, Mouse, funny and informative as usual. 😀 And OH MY GOD! I love Asterix and Obelix! I can’t wait for your next review! Btw, I hope you are doing fine after the surgery. 😉

      1. Live may be good, but studio-recordings can be edited and made even better!

      2. You lucky bugger! xD Anyways, you deserve it, you are a great person… errr, Mouse. 😀

  8. All right, so this is another one I don’t know a thing about (I have, like, one Daft Punk song on my iPod, that’s as far as my knowledge of them goes), so let’s just see what I’ve potentially missed out on. Though this Music fellah, I think I may have heard of him. Luísa Hanae Matsushita’s lover, if memory serves me right. I think I might even have heard of his mother. HarMonica, is it? Pretty good blues vocalist, that dame. And yes, seeing Music causes madness. My neighbours the percussive amphibians learned this the hard way, but luckily most everyone’s mad around here anyway, so they’re relatively at home. Might be why Music’s shown his face over here more than anywhere else in Walt’s domain. Would cause less trouble.

    Also, yikes. That cartoon Eamonn. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him slyly utter “Long live the Mouse” before shoving you off the keyboard to the deadly floor below. Though hopefully he’s savvy enough to know that this would probably eventually lead to his getting into a duel with Mini Mouse that ends with his getting shoved in the midst of several angry, starving cats and won’t try it. Though apparently he isn’t Eamonn? Huh. I have a feeling Simba can be glad he only had one uncle.

    …Wait, now I’m curious, what’s the general relationship between the Irish and the French? Do the Irish, as inhabitants of the British Isles, have similar disdain for them, or are they chummy with them as a take that to the bossy Englishfolk? I don’t think I’ve ever heard how those two nationalities tend to get along. Also, I wonder if France’s being big on Japanese media is why it was the second foreign area that got a Pokémon region modelled after it. That also might explain why it’s one of the few languages that makes up its own (pretty clever from what I’ve seen) Pokémon names.

  9. Ok, I think you just got Blue playing in my head now. Guess it’s only fitting a French-based band’s movie review gets a reference to an Eiffel 65 song. Ha ha ha, don’t worry, I’ll let myself into the stocks. Actually, scratch that, I think after that Inter Stella bit this one was barely groan-worthy. Also, wait, aren’t white people peach? That’s what my pencil crayon I use to colour white people is called anyway. Also da-ang, burn to Beyoncé there. Though I guess you’re neutral in her books for not bugging her on her vacation, but still, I’d watch your back. Don’t want Sasha Fierce to get fierce on ya.

    Hmm… Do I detect symptoms of drastic damage to your person from the recent surgery perhaps? I’m not sure if your neglecting to drop your old “you whore” line counts as out of character being serious business or not. And… You didn’t just make a Metric reference there, did you? I’d be really happy if you did, because I adore that band, but it’s quite possible they were quoting someone else with the “you shouldn’t meet your heroes” quote. Now I have to wonder from whom they (and I guess you) got that quote. As for Shep’s ghost… Why would any of the aliens be surprised? The ones in Star Wars weren’t. In any case, thanks for getting Blue out of my head by getting The A-Team theme stuck in there in its place. I think.

    Ooh, Asterix! I loved reading those comics with my mum, this oughta be fun! Cool review, interesting choice for Seán to pick.

  10. Hi!
    Is this a musical? It sounds like one. And you probably guessed I’m particularly partial to them. 😊😊

      1. Hmmmm….
        Then this definitely worth checking out. Musicals vs. Opera happens to be one of my favourite debates… especially as the musicals of the eighties brought the style of having musical numbers back-to-back which makes the dividing line even finer!

  11. What I love about this movie is the classical anime design. I wished there was more anime like this in the modern trend of moe that one sees in anime like Clannad and Sword Art Online (to quote Abridged Yugi “Don’t watch it!”). Also, how the hell is people not talking about Ulysses 31 more? It has one of the coolest plots I’ve ever read in an anime. Far better than the pseudo-psychological chaff and high school teenagers of current Japanese animation.

      1. Any time, Mouse. Looking out for the next update! I love Astrix and frequently argue with my bro on how awesome it is (he’s a Tintinite.)😁

  12. Aw, anime mon…marathon is over?!
    And here I was thinking you were going to review Avatar’s last four episodes as a movie.
    Even if it’s not anime.
    At all.

    Still hoping you do that.

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