And so, the final battle commences…

Okay guys. Here’s the situation. We’re in the final quarter. Bases are loaded. Injury time. Gretsky has the ball. Sports.

Unshaved Mouse has been shortlisted for Best Art and Culture Blog and, unlike in previous years, I might actually have a bloody shot at this.

The shortlist is down to 28 blogs. That’s doable. That’s beatable. But I need your help.

This year is different from last year. There are only going to be two weeks of voting starting today and, near as I can tell, you can only vote once. So, the good news is I’m not going to be pestering you for votes every week. The bad news is, only 30% of the final score comes from the final vote and the rest will come from some poor judge trying to make sense of this Disney fuelled acid trip I’ve been on for the last three years.

"What is this madness?! I never trained for this!!"

“What is this madness?! I never trained for this!!”

So please, click on the image below and vote for Unshaved Mouse. Your support is, as always, hugely appreciated.

Vote for Us Buttons 300x2505



      1. I’d say you have my sword, but right now its holding up my tent in this LSD inspired hell that is Bahia.

  1. Hi Mouse!
    I spread the word in your hour of need and I hope that your moment of winner’s glory would not be far off in the future!
    I took Gram Pol’s advice and secured you 5 votes!
    Unshaved Mouse FTW!!!

  2. You’ve got my vote. I take it Confused Newbie from the Fantasia 2000 review must have gotten oriented at some point, seeing as she appears to have gotten replaced.

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