Links and stuff.

Howdy peeps! I hope it’s as beautiful a November day where you are as it is here in Ireland.

"Colours. Remember them?" "No."

“Colours. Remember them?”

The fundraising for Joanna is progressing at a fair clip (we’re already at 16%) so I thought I’d drop a few links that might of interest.

Firstly, here’s our Facebook Page, where we’ll be updating with news on the production, interviews with cast and crew and all kinds of stuff.

And here is our Twitter page which you can follow. And because it’s Twitter it’s free to use. It won’t cost you a thing!


And lastly, a very nice write up about us in the Sunday Business Post. (There’s a paywall but you can still read some of the article.)

Oh, and lastly I have a little bit of bad news for people reading the Devil’s Heir. It seems that some of the chapters have gone…missing. It’s possible that they got lost in the shuffle from moving from the wheezing asthmatic contraption that was my old computer to my new one so I’ll have to search there but there may be a hiatus on new chapters for a while. Sorry.

Anyway, thanks for reading and for all the support.

Mouse out.


    1. Don’t you know those are the same thing? Why do you think animals (this blog’s owner notwithstanding) both can’t talk and lack souls? Tell me that!

  1. “A hiatus on new chapters”? YOU BASTARD! You’re just like Rebecca Sugar with Steven Universe or the guy that makes Gravity Falls with… er… Gravity Falls! You are like all the other monsters!!!!
    Jk, I understand man, if I had a dollar for each document I had lost, I’d be able to pay por the entire Joanna project. I’ll gladly wait. I wish you the best of lucks while searching for those little buggers. 😉

      1. I could have checked his name but I thought that saying “the guy that makes Gravity Falls with… er… Gravity Falls” wotld have been funnier. Sorry if it pissed you off. xD

  2. As a matter of fact, Mouse, it is a delightful day where I am. Sun’s shining, birds are singing, pobblebonks and peewees are devouring the wayward and foolish…

  3. Nooo! Not the Devil’s Heir chapters! Damn, I’ve had that happen to me too once. Lucky for me it was only my super amateur childhood-written series of chronicles starring my household toys that probably took more cues from modern pop culture than it should have, but still! It was pretty traumatic then. Curse you data transfer mishaps!!! *waves fist at heavens*

  4. But… but… but… The screenshot is from Treehouse of Horror IV while the quote is from Homer Vs Lisa and the 8th Commandment!

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