Swat Kats




And so the first round comes to an end the way they always do, with senseless, awful, awful violence (maniacal cackle).

So? Fan of DarkWing Duck? Lover of Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles (the cartoon I mean, not actual reptiles)? Friend and well-wisher of SwatKats?

My condolences. They are with God, now.

Our surviving fighters are:


A Goofy Movie

Gravity Falls

The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2

Pacific Rim

Star Trek

Stephen Universe

Summer Wars

The Lego Movie

If you want one of these movies or series to survive to fight another day, head over to the Joanna VR Kickstarter  page, make a donation of five or ten and leave a comment to let me know who gets your vote of vote. And remember, for a vote of €25 or more you can request a review of any movie or tv show you like.


    1. Don’t you know, this is clearly the hedgehogs’ doing? Those things want blood, and they will pay through their sniffly whiskered noses to get a no-holds-barred brutality of a panning review. Hard to blame them though, if you do sport with execution-happy royalty, some of the bloodlust is bound to rub off.

  1. Forgive me Mouse, I just watched Planes.

    (Looks around for the Pitchfork Mob) I didn’t hate it. I think the biggest problem this movie had was that it missed it’s target audience. Kids, and people today are into cars, motorcycles, action movies and the list goes on, and on, and on…

    Getting sidetracked here. Problem is, as a child in the early 90’s, I remember shows about planes. You had Swat Kats, TaleSpin, or many shows that had airplanes in them or flight in some way. Today though? It’s less about planes and more about cars.

    But as for me? Well, I’m not writing a fanfic about TaleSpin for anything. Honest.

    Let me list a few problems I have with this movie.

    1. No crop duster has a chance of winning a long distance race against true racing planes.
    2. Ripslinger’s propeller setup is maintenance heavy. So much so that while it is considered a faster setup, it’s never used because it can fail, locking the props and creating so much drag, that a second engine cannot overcome it and keep the plane in the air.
    3. After Dusty’s crash in the pacific, he’s so wrecked that most planes would be scrapped, not rebuilt overnight and IMPROVED!
    4. Ripslinger’s prop would not have survived cutting the Skipper’s tale into pieces, nor would they have survived touching wings. I believe you’ll find he’s made of composite material, which is basically lightweight plastic/fiberglass.

    Ok Mouse, I’m going for my tar bath, I’ll see you again soon……..

  2. Alas, poor Darkwing! Should’ve used a birdbath instead.

    Though I guess Gargoyles saved everyone else the trouble of carving the Christmas fowl. *cringes*

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