Soooo…this happened.

Over the weekend UCD Dramsoc, the drama society where I spent some of my happiest days and avoided some of my must important college lectures, published an anthology of plays that were originally written and performed there. The plays are A Certain Romance by Stephen Jones, Sluts by Caitriona Daly, Stoop by Gillian Greer and The Hole by…



Yeah. So. Published writer. How are you? And if you’re interested in checking out some early work by the absolute cream of young Irish playwriting talent right now (and me), the book is available on Amazon and is actually kinda gorgeous.


  1. Congratulations, Mouse! I’m glad to see that you’re getting what you deserve, you are a talented artist and you will reach the top, my lad! 😀

  2. Many congratulations, Mouse! That’s a wonderful milestone. 👏

    Speaking of published works, have you considered compiling Hangman’s Daughter and putting it on Amazon as an e-book? I’d love a Kindle edition… 😉

  3. We’re all proud of you as ever, Mouse!

    Also, if The Hole turns out to not be about a mousehole, I will be sorely disappointed.

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