Okay, before I get into the nitty gritty about why there’s not going to be any reviews for the next few months there’s a few little bits of housekeeping, Firstly, a favor. I’ve started a petition to ask the Irish government to bestow honorary Irish citizenship to Barack Obama. I go into my reasons here.  If you could sign it and, most importantly, share it on your blogs, Facebook pages and whatnot I would really, really appreciate it. Next item.

Earlier this year I performed stand up in the Aviva Stadium in front of eight hundred people which sounds impressive until I tell you that it was for a talent show my work put on. Anyway, I didn’t have any decent footage until I found out that my mother had filmed the whole thing so here it is. Hope you enjoy.

Now, to the big news.

I’ve been offered a big, exciting opportunity that has the potential to kick my writing career up a notch. I’m not entirely sure how much I can talk about it at this early stage so all I’ll say is:

  • It is for Irish TV.
  • It is horror.
  • It is for money.

This means I’m going to have to devote the next few months to this new project which unfortunately means no more full length reviews from me until around February. This does not mean that the blog is going dark, however. I’m lining up some guest reviewers and I’ll be posting with more information when I get the details nailed down. I’ll also be finishing the Shortstember reviews. Also, the Bald Frog will be back. Sorry he hasn’t been around recently, but he was kidnapped and turned into a racist meme by the Alt Right and has only now escaped.

"I have seen some shit, people."

“I have seen some shit, people.”

 So that’s how it is. Rest assured, I’ll still be checking in on the blog and reading the comments. So, you want to rave about Moana, or rant about the new Beauty and the Beast, or ask me questions or want to talk anything else that’s on your mind I’m here. Always will be.

Your Mouse.


  1. Maaan, and you had JUST teased the Gravity Falls review to us.

    Oh well, congrats on the new gig Mouse (whatever it is)!

  2. Hey, anything that helps your writing career is fine by me. Rodents are underrepresented in the entertainment industry. Mickey doesn’t want the competition.

    You’ve got vulpine representation with Megan and Michael J Fox, Jays with both Leno and -Z, and even the Hispanic bovine community with Benicio Del Toro, but almost no rodents.

    Good luck, man. Also, your stand-up is excellent.

  3. Congratulations. It is amazing to see how much this blog has improved your career, and to see how much exposure you have received over the last few years. Chase the money. We will be waiting.

  4. *blink blink*

    Irish descent?

    So the Know-Nothings’ claims were true! Obama’s name is actually O’Bama! WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

    Anyway, though, best of luck on your new project! We’ll miss you terribly. To distract myself from this terrible loss, I’m off to see if I can make “Obama is actually an Irishman” a Thing.

  5. Congratulations Mouse. I will look forward to seeing what you help bring to life on the small screen. I hope it’s just your size.

  6. I’m calling it! Scare Unshaved Mouse is becoming real!!
    Ok, now I’m being serius, I’m happy for you Neil! You deserve all the wonderful things that life gives to you. I also signed your petition. 🙂
    Btw, amazing stand up skills, I can’t get enough of these videos! XD

  7. I’m still around, OM, and happy to hear it! Busy lately so I’ve gone back to lurking. Got a guest review lined up for December and started my own blog (again) because my writing career has gone really well since September.

    And by the way, not to tease but Mouse’s horror project is so great.

  8. So, my comment was deleted/censored, I take? Kinda sad to see that from a site constantly advocating for freedom of speech, especially since I meant no harm to Frog and even apologized to him in the same paragraph, but c’est la vie. I still wish you good luck.

  9. “It’s not easy being green …” Kermit knows your pain Frog. 😉
    Good luck with it all Mouse. Fingers-crossed!

  10. Your petition had reached 98 out of 100 signatures by the time I saw it. I signed it and passed it along to my sister to hit the threshold. From two Irish-Americans who love President Obama’s work!

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