Who reviews short shorts? Mouse reviews short shorts!

So once again those cunning bastards at the Blog Awards Ireland have thwarted my plans and caught me flat footed. The shortlist has been announced (that flew in, didn’t it?) and I’m happy to announce that Unshaved Mouse has escaped the cull once more.
Here’s where I’ve been thrown all afluster. The voting actually starts today and will only run for ONE WEEK. Which, fine, it’s great that I don’t have to keep hassling you guys to vote cos honestly I hate doing that but it also means that now I have to unveil that big project I was talking about for September.
So I am hereby announcing pause for dramatic effect…
SHORTSTEMBER (now in August)!
Yeah, so while I’ve reviewed my fair share of animation on this blog it’s all been feature length animation or occasionally a TV episode or two. But some of the most important, iconic and groundbreaking work in the field was done in short subjects. Why have I never reviewed shorts before now?
Anyway every week I will be (hopefully) posting a mini review of a short animation, starting in the 1910’s and working my way forward a decade at a time until we get to the 2010’s. We’ll see how it goes, honestly, my jaw is already starting to pre-emptively ache from having bitten off more than I can chew with this one. Anyway, hope you enjoy and I’ll be posting a link so you can vote as soon as I can. First up? We’re going old school.


  1. Slightly apropos: the Minnesota History Center had an exhibit on Chuck Jones that I was fortunate enough to be able to go see. Very cool. Lots of Looney Tunes, of course, but also a lot of other cool stuff as well. For instance, have you ever watched The Dot and the Line? It’s hilarious.

    1. I remember catching that one on Cartoon Network way back in the day. I think I watched it all the way through, but I was too young to understand it (and my English wasn’t so hot back then), so I just remember being really bored.

  2. C’mon, Mouse, never forget that you are a rodent, and there is no such thing as more than a rodent can chew!

    Cool idea, hoping the best for this new thing!

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