So many Sharpsons, so little time…

Howdy peeps! A while back I posted a video of my two brothers John and Donal doing their thing over at Facts. Since then, Johnny started his own YouTube channel, Sharuf, and this weekend I made a guest appearance with all my brothers to talk about Unshaved Mouse, our childhoods and to finally answer the age old question “No, seriously. HOW MANY OF YOU GUYS ARE THERE?!”

Huge thanks to Johnny for having me on, it was a blast and we definitely need to do it again some time. Also, my OTHER brother Dónal has just released his new music video which you can see here without even having to go to YouTube. For am I not generous?

Please like and subscribe and check out my brothers other videos and help bring about a glorious future of completely Sharpson run media.

We are everywhere. We are coming. We are Sharpson.



  1. I love Facts, and I love Unshaved Mouse, but, somehow, I had no clue that Johnny and Dónal were your brothers!

    Very cool! All the best to you three!

    I, for one, encourage our new media-controlling, Irish overlords.

  2. Verily, thou art generous with thine media bounty, my lord. And now, having gathered the four brothers Sharpson beneath a single roof (as the prophecy foretold), at what hour shall come thine great and powerful rule?

  3. Oh my God. Hilarious! If the Sharpson media monopoly involves more home videos, I, for one, welcome our new bearded overlords. The ‘how many of you are there?’ is so true.

    Don’t be embarrassed, Donal. Linkin Park is almost cool compared to the song my sister found six-year-old me singing on home video the other day – a ditty of my own devising entitled ‘Pull Down Your Pants and Show Your Undies Off.’

  4. When I saw your name in the title of today’s Sharuf episode, I did a little happy dance! This was the funnest thing to watch and it made my day. I’d definitely would love a part 2!

  5. This is quite cool. I just got into Facts a few months ago without realizing the connection (somehow I missed the one posted here) and then finally realized those were your brothers like last month. I started to wonder if Ireland just compromised like, twenty people and their immidate families. Cool to see you all do a video together.

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