Hi guys, sorry about this but Guardians of the Galaxy 2‘s got to be pushed back a week. I made an application to my dream job and they got back to me (YAY!) and said they want two writing samples (YAAAAY!) by next week (FUUUUUUU…) so I’ve been writing in a mad swoon for the last two days. Please bear with me and wish me luck!

Oh, in the meantime, my daughter Iola (known to ye all as Mini-Mouse) made her big debut on Sharuf and you cannot repel cuteness of this magnitude.


  1. Good luck Mr Mouse!
    And mini mouse is so precocious! Sharuf is fast becoming one if my favourite YouTube channels!

  2. Congratulations Mouse!! I hope great things will be heading your way soon! I loved seeing Mini-Mouse on Sharuf. She’s adorable, self determined and full of joy. Also, watching John lose control of his own show made for fabulous entertainment! That Rufus character is darn entertaining too. Love his sense of humor. 🙂

  3. Good luck! Here’s hoping they recognize your talent!

    Mini-Mouse is adorable — and I see she is on team Celestia? (Or is the clothing-purchaser in the household on team Celestia?)

  4. Please allow me to join in the chorus of congratulations on this Opportunity and on the Live Action debut of your young lady, Good Mouse (however belatedly): one trusts you shall achieve all that you Desire in this instance and can only hope that Triumph shall prove far more sweet than bittersweet!

  5. I would also like to state for the record that I have seen JUSTICE LEAGUE twice (it was thoroughly good fun, though not especially world-changing: one was left quite impressed that the production had been able to achieve so much in spite of a Creative Process that at times appears to have suffered through a remake of the Book of Job with all the nasty bits left in).

    On a lighter note, I also got the mental image of Mr Liam Neeson voicing Darkseid in any sequel featuring the Biggest Bad in the DC Universe (after learning that he had coached Mr Ciaran Hinds through some of the nuances required by Motion Capture) and you may be amused to know that his cameo in the film has left me with the vague conviction that Mr Michael Mcelhatton looks strangely like Judge Claude Frollo (you may well understand what I mean if you’ve seen the film already).

  6. Great video with Mini Mouse there! Though I have to say, I found it hilarious when she got Wazowski’d that moment she says, “There’s a new boss in town.”

    Also, your favourite colour is yellow? Let me file that in my Information-To-Remember-For-Unshaved-Mouse-Related-Gameshows drawer.

  7. She is hilarious. ‘your 4, I’m 5, your 27, I’m 5’ she is so straight faced. I just loved her and hope to see more of her.

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