State of the Mouse 2018

Hey Mouse, how you been?

Good, good. Great actually. After last year’s unpleasantness I feel like I’ve rebounded in a big way. I’m feeling a lot more confident and hopeful for the future, been writing loads and, long story short it’s good to be Mouse (for now).

Aw, that’s great. Well, see ya…

Not so fast, my bold-faced friend. This is the part where I use you as a sounding board to tell the readers all my news.

Aw c’mon, dude, it’s like half five in the morning, I got work tomorrow

Here is my news!

Marvel Rankings

Yes! So, with the Homecoming review now gone up and Ragnarok not out on DVD until February, seems like this is a good time to put up a page where I rank all the Marvel movies like I have with the canon Disney films. Gasp in wonder and ooh and aah and say “But I really liked Doctor Strange” and “Thor is HOW HIGH? This dude’s crazy!”. Basically, your thoughts are an open book to me. Speaking of…

New series of reviews

Hmm…so we’ve reached the end of the canon Disney movies and we’re almost at the end of the MCU movies. What to review next? It has to be something with a lot of variety. I don’t want to be constantly praising or panning week in, week out. It has to be a series that wakes up each morning and flips a scarred two-headed coin to decide whether its going to suck like it was built by Dyson, or be literally Oscar worthy…

Oh yeah. That’ll do…


So, we’ve finally wrapped our series of reviews of WW2 propaganda shorts (spoilers, the good guys won. For about seventy years. Now it’s a little up in the air.) If you missed them, the reviews are here:

Der Fuehrer’s Face

Jungle Drums

The Ducktators

Reason and Emotion

Fascist Jackboots will not Trample our Motherland

Momotaru no Umiwashi

Nimbus Libéré

Das Dumme Ganslein

Hope you enjoyed them, and if you have suggestions or preferences for another series of short reviews, holla atta mazerunner.

12 Gigs in 12 Months

So I’ve decided to go back to doing stand up and I’ve set myself a challenge for 2018: 12 gigs in 12 months. Gig #1 is already in the bag (it was at Cherry Comedy, no footage I’m afraid) and #2 is in the Ha’penny Inn on Wellington Quay on Tuesday 20th January at nine if you’re in Dublin. If you’re not, do please head over to Facebook and follow Neil Sharpson-12 Gigs in 12 Months where I’ll be posting updates and footage of how I get on.

League of Volunteers returns!

Yes really! The final issue of my run on League of Volunteers will finally be hitting the stands soon. Sorry about the slight (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA) delay but, for real, our artists kept getting poached to do things like Justice League, Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Anyway, it’ll be worth the wait, I promise. In the meantime, check out this bloody amazing artwork by John McFarlane.


Are you watching Sharuf? You would be watching Sharuf. We’re about to kick off a major new plotline next week, so head over to YouTube and give us a sub and a like.

Okay, I think that’s everything.

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering if anti-depressants work? Yah, they work.


  1. Glad you’re doing better. Do you know who’s selling League of Volunteers? Atomic Diner’s website is down.

  2. Honestly, I am pretty dispassionate about what you place on the bottom…..My favourite MCU movies are the three Cap movies, The two GotG movies and The Avengers….four of which you have as your top 4, one you have as number 6 (and appreciating the first avenger, imho the most underrated of the MCU movies is always a way to my heart), and the last is at least still in the top 10 (though…really?????). I also happen to have a soft spot for Thor, so……

    I honestly don’t particularly care about the bottom half of such lists because frankly, I enjoy all those movies (except maybe The incredible Hulk), but it is really a matter of taste how much the various flaws they have bother you.

    Glad that you feel better. I am kind of surprised that you didn’t cover more propaganda shorts…there are still so many. You seem to have skipped the ones from Warner Bros entirely….I wonder why…..(no, not really) and the lack of “Education for Evil” is kind of a criminal omission….

  3. The number 10 spot on your Marvel list scored a 70% per your scoring system. That same 70% score (admittedly on a different grading scale) was only good for 31 on the Disney rankings. I don’t know what that says about your rankings or your scoring systems or whatever, just thought it was interesting.

  4. Glad to hear you’re doing alright, dude. And good luck with the standup – I’m sorta on the wrong continent, or I’d definitely show (excuses, excuses).

    X-Men is an awesome choice. Gonna be a good time.

    Shorts ideas? I know back when you decided on WWII, Over the Garden Wall was a contender, that would be amazing. Or, if you prefer the historical stuff, maybe take a look at some of the big genre-defining stars who haven’t gotten featured, like Popeye, Porky, Betty Boop, Daffy.

  5. Glad to hear you’re doing better, and interested about the stand-up shows. Good luck with those!

    … but the way you described the X-Men series. How can I describe my reaction to that…

    Looking forward to that series. X-Men were one of my first fandoms, so those movies sure are something.

  6. That’s great news, Mouse. Welcome back to the sunlit lands.

    This is where I lose all nerd cred by admitting to surprise that Deadpool wasn’t on the review list. I thought for sure that it was an MCU movie…

  7. Are you ever planning on Pixar series? I think you said they were too praise worthy once and if that is what you feel about them it’s fair. But I think expecially the recent ones are flawed, even the ones considered great like Up are quite emotionally manipulative. And of course all films emotionally manipulate you but when if you always meant to have similar feelings and it gets tiresome and very noticeable.

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