Day 2

Alaska has changed me.

I have become someone who gets up at 6 AM.


I can only hope that any further changes will be less drastic, like turning into a wolf and feeding on the flesh of the living.

Speaking of breakfast.

Bob and Diane just got added to my will.

Today’s schedule:

So as well as having mt play read I’m also reading for another playwright. I’ve been cast in Tamar Shai Bokvadze’s The Insurance Play as Ryan, a man who buys a cancer patient’s life insurance policy so that he gets paid out when she dies and then realises she ain’t dying quick enough. It’s an awesone part to play, a genuinely nice guy who slowly transforms into a complete monster.

Today was our first rehearsal and it all went swimmingly.

I’m also performing a monologue from Ashley Wellman’s “Living Creatures” playing a character who’s essentially death, telling a woman why she can’t take her dead child back to the world of the living. So I’m attending a monologue workshop run by actors Laura Gardner and Frank Collison, who are terrifying in the way that all incredibly talented people are. So I’m sitting there watching incredibly talented actors perform their monologues word perfectly and becoming more and aware that I’m a massive imposter and I do not have this thing learned off. Not close.

Finally I got up and stage and did the best I could. After a pause Laura looked at me and said gently.

“Now, you know you’re going to have to be word perfect on the night, right?”

“Yes. Sorry.”

“Okay. But that’s a really good start.”

And exhale…


  1. Break a leg dude, you’re gonna do fine.

    That breakfast does indeed look divine. But I just started a diet three days ago, so a plate of bacon in any context looks to me as beautiful as Botticelli’s Venus.

  2. Mouse, even while you room in the realm of the Carnivore Kings remember – You are an OMNIVORE; Fruit and Vegetables are our friends! (except tomatoes, because those tricky scarlet trivia-mongers will trip you up EVERY TIME).

    Best of Luck with rehearsals; keep working an it’ll be All Right on the Night! (unless, of course, some fool takes the name of the Scottish Play in vain and forgets to pay the penalty BEFORE Showtime).

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