Day 3

So after two days of glorious sunshine Alaska said “Hope you enjoyed that. NOW DROWN.”

It rained pretty much nonstop. Fortunately, I’m Irish and this is my natural enviroment. Today was my one to one Monologue workshop with Laura Gardener and it was amazing. By the end of it my monologue had gone through a complete change of tone, accent, delivery but it felt like a conpletely natural evolution.

After that was The Insurance Play’s reading.

Play readings are a weird experience. You’re reading from a script that’s in front of you on a music stand (a drama stand?) but you’re trying to act and make eye contact with the other actors while not losing your place in the middle of a dramatic monologue. It’s tricky.

As I already said, the play is a belter and I think we did it justice.

Every evening there is a full staged production of a play and tonight’s was “You are the Blood” by Ashley Rose Wellman (who wrote my monologue) which may well be the best play I’ve seen in years. It’s about the daughter of a serial killer who makes friends with the woman who wants to marry her still incarcerated father. It’s hilarious, and chilling and heartbreaking and perfect and I was watching it like this:

Gracia, signore.


  1. Mouse, REMEMBER – A little Salieri keeps you keen, a little too much will CUT YOU TO THE BONE (speaking of cuts, keep one eye open at all hours – ESPECIALLY when Sleeping – because that looks like Horror Movie Weather; everything starts out lovely, then the rain sweeps and suddenly MOOD FOG forms deep as the pack of a Rugby Scrum … Mouse, I don’t know if you’re in Slasher Country or Creature Feature Wilderness but be wary, because Something Wicked this ways comes*).

    *Either that or I have Delusions of Humour – which may well be lulling you into a false sense of security as you dismiss a timely warning hidden in a thicket of rambles thick as thorns!

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