“I’m the Juggernaut, bitch!”

I had a weird sensation watching X-Men The Last Stand for the first time in many years. I found myself, initially, sort of enjoying it.

“Huh, that’s weird,” I thought to myself “I remember hating this. So why am I sorta finding this to be okay?”

The reason, dear reader, is because this movie is a treacherous snake.

It does a passable job of masquerading as a decent X-Men movie. The cast is all here minus Alan Cummings’ Nightcrawler (because the makeup took frickin’ forever to apply and Alan Cummings was all “Fuck this, Alan Cummings’ got shit to do”) and the new additions to the cast were mostly excellent. Ellen Paige as Kitty Pryde? Who could say “no” to that? Kelsey Grammer as Beast? Perfect. Just perfect. You could not cast that role better. Also, like X-2, the movie stakes two very well regarded X-Men stories and works them into a single story, specifically the seminal “Dark Phoenix Saga” by Chris Claremont and Joss Whedon’s “Gifted” story arc from the early 2000’s. Alright! Great cast, strong source material, what could go wrong? Why, God himself couldn’t tank this film!


Yeah, so how did that happen? Alright, so Fox quite naturally wanted Bryan Singer to come back for X3 but Singer had been lured by the siren call of the Distinguished Competition.

Singer had done a little preliminary work on X3 before he left Fox for that tramp Superman, which would have been a re-telling of the Dark Phoenix with Sigourney Weaver as Emma Frost (oh fuck yeah). With Singer gone, the suits at Fox held an emergency meeting to decide who would replace him, with the understanding that they had to get someone lest they had to settle for Brett Ratner, a desperate last resort in the form of a man. And what’s really tragic about this is that they tried. They really did. A veritable directorate of directors were approached for this movie and any one of them could have made a great X-Men flick.

Darren Aronofsky’s X-Men? Sign me up.

Matthew Vaughan’s X-Men? We got it a few years later and it was awesome.

Joss Whedon’s X-Men? Oh, he could have done it in his sleep.

Zak Snyder’s X-Men?……

Alex Proyas’ X-Men? He made Dark City so he’s alright by Mouse.

But a combination of bad luck, scheduling conflicts and ego all conspired against Fox and they were left with a choice: A Brett Ratner directed X-Men movie, or no X-Men movie at all.

They chose wrong.

“That’ll teach you to believe you deserve better.”

The movie begins “twenty years ago”…

Wait stop. I thought the series takes place in the “not too distant future”? So…is that twenty years ago from when the bulk of the action of the movie is set or twenty years from when we the audience are watching it which would only be like…ten years ago? I guess? Not counting people like me who are watching it in the actual not too distant future that turned out to be far more dystopian than anyone could have anticipated, fuck it, moving on.

At the Grey household, a teenage girl named Jean Grey is visited by oh SAINTS IN HEAVEN PRESERVE US.

Anyone seen Green Room? Patrick Stewart’s in it. He’s awesome. He plays a murderous Neo Nazi and he’s genuinely terrifying. But he does not inspire one tenth of the fear in me as this CGI atrocity. This was the film-makers attempt to create a realistically young Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan, despite the fact that Patrick Stewart didn’t change appearance from 1987 to 2003 and young Ian McKellan was God’s masterpiece and only a fool would try to re-create that.

Take a moment.

So they took photos of Stewart and Ian McKellan and digitally grafted them onto their faces like serial killers and it’s just wrong, wrong, wrong like Donkey Kong in a thong.


“Don’t be afraid Mouse. We’re your friends. Your frieeeeeeends…”

Anyway, Xavier and Magneto are here to recruit Jean into their army of revolutionary child soldiers lovely school where nothing bad happens and Jean demonstrates that she’s a little bit more than what they’re used to. And she does this by levitating every car in the neighbourhood. While the neighbours watch. Which causes them not to run around screaming but simply stare curiously as if to say “My. How odd. Cars do not typically do that. What a funny old world.”

Honestly, I don’t see why Jean needs to come to Xavier’s in the first place. This is clearly the safest place for her, these people wouldn’t know a mutant if it crawled out of the sewer and stole their pizza.

We now cut to “ten years ago”…

WHOAH. WHOAH. STOP. Is that ten years before the last scene or from the present of this movie which is also the future? Are we going back in time or forward? I sincerely hope the other movies in this series won’t be this confusing in terms of chronology.

“What is this sudden chill I feel?”

Anyway, we get a scene that is actually pretty hard to watch where young Warren Worthington is cutting off his wings in the bathroom while his father bangs on the door and demands to know what he’s doing. He finally breaks down the door and finds his son weeping in a pile of blood and feather’s and whispers “Oh Warren. Not you.”

“Tell me you haven’t started eating pigeons?!”

The next scene takes place in the “not too distant future” but it’s now a post-apocalyptic hellhole and oh, you know what movie? Fuck you and your temporal shenanigans you gutless churl. I’m an established internet movie critic and I deserve to be treated better than this.

“No you don’t.”

Anyway, Storm and Wolverine are leading a team of young mutants through the wasteland including Iceman, Rogue, Colossus and Kitty Pryde (Ellen Paige), whose power is that she can phase through walls and have literally no effect on the world around her. The publicity for the movie promised that we’d finally get to see the X-Men fight Sentinels in this film which was…what’s the word I’m looking for? Outright mendacity.

Wolverine basically gets hurled offstage and we see a giant robot head get thrown into view.

This movie staged it’s big epic robot versus mutant fight the same way your local amateur dramatics society would, only the am-drammers might have put some effort into the damn prop.

Anyway, we learn that this is actually a training simulation where the students can use their powers, notwithstanding the fact that these “holograms” can slice bits off Wolverine like cured ham. You know. So the kids can learn.

So it’s not actually the grim and dark future it’s just the regular future that looks exactly like the present just with mutants and I’m done guys, I’m done.

Storm is angry at Wolverine because they’re supposed to be a team but Wolverine keeps charging off and making it all about him because apparently she doesn’t get how this franchise works. She also says that they’re supposed to be teaching the kids to fight defensively.

“Sometimes the best defence is a good offence.”

“Act in haste, repent in leisure.”

“But he who hesitates is lost.”

“Never judge a book by its cover.”

“What you see is what you get.””

“Loose lips, sink ships…”



“Meet you in the final act where we’ll revisit this dialogue to give the pathetic illusion of a character arc?”

“Ugh. Fine.”

Wolverine tells Storm that if she doesn’t like his teaching methods she should complain to Xavier or, y’know, hire someone who’s actually a teacher. I don’t know if we’re supposed to believe there’s a load of teachers offscreen but going on the onscreen evidence, between Jean being dead and Scott down with a bad case of sad-beard, the entire faculty of this massive school is Xavier, Storm and the knife-handed Canadian hobo they let live with them. I’m just saying, I don’t see Xavier’s becoming a feeder school for Harvard anytime soon.

As well as the lack of teachers, Rogue has to deal with jealousy as she suspects that Bobby has feelings for Kitty, a girl he can actually touch (well, some of the time). Bobby is understandably annoyed by this, saying that he’s never pressured Rogue and she responds “You’re a guy, Bobby. You only think about one thing.”

Hey, hey, whoah! Firstly, this guy chose to be with a girl who he knows he can never sleep with so I think it’s pretty obvious that he’s not using you for sex. He’s using you as a beard. Second. That’s a pernicious stereotype that men only think about one thing. I think about four things thank you very much.

Meanwhile, Cyclops is in his room, pining fer his lady love and even Logan thinks he’s overdoing it with the brooding. Logan tells Scott that maybe it’s time to move on from Jean’s death. This (as well as the fact that there’s a new president) suggests to me that it’s been a good few months since the end of X2 unless Logan’s being a massively insensitive dick (which, okay, in character) but at the end of X2 we saw the Phoenix rising from the bottom of the lake. So…has the Phoenix just been swimming around down there all this time like the Loch Ness Monster? Anyway, Scott tells Logan to screw off and decides to ride his motorbike. To Alkali Lake. Which, of course, is just a stone’s throw from Westchester.

In Washington DC, we meet Hank “Beast” McCoy, the furry blue Secretary of Mutant Affairs played by Kelsey Grammer in an absolutely perfect piece of casting. And I say that despite the fact that a friend of mine auditioned for the part and just missed it by this much.


McCoy’s secretary enters his office and tells him that “the meeting’s started” and he says “thank you” and not “Really? You didn’t see fit to tell me that the meeting was about to start so that I wouldn’t arrive late to a meeting with the frickin’ president and the Joint Chiefs of Staff? Buh bye, fired lady.”

He arrives in the Doctor Strangelove room and is informed that Mystique has been apprehended breaking into Worthington labs and they watch as she’s interrogated. Her interrogator calls her “Raven” and she replies “I don’t answer to my slave name.”

That…that line makes no sense. I mean, yeah, sure, it’s a reference to how in the real world some black people refuse to use the surnames of the people who enslaved their ancestors but nothing like that happened to mutants in this world that is fucking stupid. Mystique, just say “Raven is a fucking terrible name that my awful Goth parents saddled me with, please don’t use it” we’ll all respect you a lot more. Beast tells the President that Magneto is absolutely going to bust her out of prison and it’s probably going to look awesome but the President shows him what Mystique stole. The file belonging to Leech, the mutant otherwise known as “Jimmy”.

“Really? Just “Jimmy”?”
“His last name’s a slave name and he doesn’t answer to it.”

Jimmy’s power is that he makes mutants not be mutants, kind of like how Kevin Spacey turns other gay men straight with his mere presence, and Worthington labs have been able to use Jimmy to create a cure for mutation which obviously could set off a few calm and well-reasoned debates in the mutant community.

In Westchester, Xavier is teaching an ethics class…

This last one, if you don’t know, if Xavier murdering his twin sister while still in the womb.

Sorry, where was? Yes, Xavier’s teaching an ethics class and they watch a video of Doctor Moira McTaggart (who is looking great for someone who was running around saving the world during the Cuban missile crisis) and she explains that she has a patient who’s in a coma, physically fine but with no brain activity. Xavier asks his pupils if it would be ethical to transfer the mind of someone who was dying into the body of this man, seeing as he’s not using it and no one’s left a note or anything. He cuts the lesson short however, when he seems a storm brewing and realises that Storm is brewing. He goes to talk to her and they have a rather aimless conversation that doesn’t really go anywhere but at least gets them inside the house where they meet Beast who’s just arrived to tell them about the mutant cure.

Rogue runs in excitedly asking if it’s true that she can be cured and Storm coldly replies to her that it’s not true because there’s nothing wrong with being a mutant that needs to be cured.

So here’s another example of where the X-Men are used as an allegory for a real world issue and it just…doesn’t…work. As a story element within the fictional world of the X-Men, the cure is great. It generates a lot of conflict and interesting questions for our characters. But it’s also being used here as an allegory for gay conversion therapy and sorry, that bird don’t hunt. Or something.

See there are some pretty glaring differences between the cure as presented here and gay conversion therapy, the most important being that the cure actually works and has no negative side effects. The reason why gay conversion therapy is immoral is because it is incredibly harmful and doesn’t work and there’s a long history of people being forced to undergo it against their will. But if hypothetically there was a way for someone to effectively and safely change their orientation and it was genuinely something they wanted to do, well, who are we to stop them?

What right would we have? If someone wanted to be straight or gay or bi or whatever and there was an easy way to do that, why shouldn’t they be allowed to make the choice that they think will let them lead a happy life? Also, I have zero patience for anyone in this movie who is guilting Rogue over wanting the cure. I mean that shouldn’t even be up for debate, especially since she’s not even “cool, flying, super-strength Rogue”, and is just regular mopey “can’t give my boyfriend a handjob without putting him in a coma” Rogue. Rogue’s power is not a vital part of her identity, it is a medical condition that is severely impacting her quality of life and also represents a serious threat to the people around her. Just let her take the dang cure and screw Jake from Animorphs! Gawd!

But the announcement of the cure creates ructions throughout the mutant community which allows Magneto, still accompanied by Pyro, to pick up some new disgruntled followers.

Cyclops finally arrives and we get to see the frankly magnificent sight of a man trying to fight a lake as Scott is so overcome with grief that he blasts the water with his eye beams.


Look, I get it.

So many times I’ve written something that I thought was the most epic, awesome thing ever only to find that it withered and died upon contact with reality. I have no doubt that the “Cyclops versus the Lake” scene seemed like an awesome moment on paper. I could definitely see why you might think that. But ultimately, it’s a man fighting a lake, and ‘tis silly. I am not here to mock, because honestly, I can sympathise.

“Okay, so I’m going to review not one but TWO episodes of Gravity Falls and, get this, I will do it in the character of BILL CYPHER and it will be ALL IN CAPS.”

“Okay, I think that idea is maybe…”


Suddenly, the water parts and a resurrected Jean walks out of the lake like the combined form of Jesus and Moses (I call him JOSES!). Scott can’t believe it and he kisses her and for a minute it’s all gravy but suddenly Jean gets evil-veins, well known to be the evillest part of the human circulatory system and starts…draining his life force? Maybe? I dunno. Look, if the movie can’t be bothered to make clear what happens to Scott I don’t see why I should have to.

So remember at the end of X2 when Xavier sensed Jean returning and, with a winsome smile, told his students that everything was going to be alright? Well, he issues a hasty retraction and tells Logan and Storm that no, actually, everything is fucked hard without a johnny, and dispatches them next door to Alkali lake to see what’s going down. They find Jean unconscious with rocks floating around her and nothing left of Cyclops but his stylish shades.

So here’s my deepest darkest confession. I’m a Cyclops fan. I really dig the character. I think the design is genius, the powerset is amazingly cool and he’s a fascinatingly dark and complex character. A comic writer (I forget who) once said “Why do comic fans prefer Wolverine to Cyclops? Wolverine’s the guy who used to stick our heads down the toilet in school!”, a sentiment I can definitely get behind. But even if you don’t like Cyclops (and statistically you probably don’t) can we all agree that this a really shabby way to treat the character? I mean, kill him off, sure. That’s shocking. But killing him offscreen? Damn that’s cold. What did James Marsden do to you, Fox?

Oh, right.

Magneto takes his new crew to spring Mystique out of jail and, as promised, it is pretty awesome. He also busts out two mutants who were being transported with her, Multiple Man who can turn into multiple men, and Juggernaut who can’t be stopped once he’s in motion. Juggernaut is played by Vinnie Jones, who embarked on a career in acting after being permanently banned from football for eating a referee. Now, Jones is certainly not the worst choice to play Juggernaut, he’s a big guy with plenty of menace, but the costume is just the pits and neither Jones nor the movie really know what to do with him. It would be another dozen years before we finally got a screen Juggernaut done right.

Fuck and also yes.

But then, one of the guards shoots at Magneto with a dart gun full of mutant cure and Mystique takes the shot for him, losing her mutant powers. And Magneto instantly abandons her, saying “You’re not one of us anymore.”

This…bugs me. But honestly I’m not sure if that’s my problem and not the movie’s. It bugs me because I want Magneto to be a tragically flawed noble villain and not a small minded extremist but at the same time I have to admit that this isn’t exactly out of character for a man who almost wiped out the entire human race last movie. Anyway, Magneto leaves a distraught Mystique behind saying “A pity. She was so beautiful.”

Oh God. She’s hideous.

Magneto’s newest henchwoman, Calisto, has the power to sense powerful mutants and also has superspeed which is…an eclectic mix, to say the least. She tells him that she can sense a “Class 5” mutant and Magneto says “where is she?”.

Back at the mansion, Xavier tries to psychically wake Jean and explains to Logan that in her teen years Jean manifested a second, dangerous personality called “the Phoenix” which Xavier used his powers to repress. Logan is horrified, because apparently dangerous alternate personalities are people too and Xavier’s all “Well, I have doctorates in Genetics, Biophysics, Psychology, and Anthropology, and an M.D. in Psychiatry but if the Wolf Man of Alberta thinks it was a bad idea I must have been wrong, get the fuck outta here with that shit”. Later, Jean wakes up and she and Logan get over their mutual grief at Cyclop’s disappearence by making out right there in the medbay. But when Logan finally asks her what happened to Cyclops (seriously, everyone’s lack of concern for poor Scott is just hilarious) she freaks out and goes all Tetsuo, wrecking the mansion on her way out.

The X-Men and the Brotherhood both track Jean down to her old family home and they basically both make her a pitch. Magneto’s all “Hey, I got an opening for a red-haired psycho lady, join me and we shall crush the humans!” and Xavier’s more “What? No. That’s crazy. C’mon.” Phoenix finds Magneto’s argument the more compelling and promptly vaporises Charles, much to the horror of Logan and Ororo.

Back at the mansion, the X-Men reflect on what is really turning out to be a pisser of a day. Hank says that because Xavier funded the school out of his own fortune, now that he’s dead the school will have to close, all the kid’s will have to be sent home and the glee club won’t make it to sectionals and this was their year. Warren Worthington, the kid with the wings, arrives after having escaped from his father who was trying to cure him and asks if this is the place where mutants go to be safe. Beast says that it was, and Ororo says that it still is and that the school is going to stay open and the glee club will make it to sectionals, god damn it! Note that nothing has actually changed. Xavier’s still dead, there’s still no money. Storm has just elected to ignore that.

Magneto launches his attack on Worthington labs with the Brotherhood and Jean and the X-Men roll up to stop them. And you know things are bad when our heroes have resorted to using virtual extras like Colossus, who gets exactly one line in the whole movie. Anyway, we get what was, at this point, the largest super hero brawl ever captured onscreen and it’s…kind of underwhelming to be honest, coming across as a series of indifferently staged, barely connected one on one brawls. Logan fights a guy who grows back his arms when they’re cut off (his dark mirror!) and Storm fries Calisto with lightning.

“Know what happens to a calisto who gets struck by lightning? WELCOME TO JURASSIC PARK!”

Meanwhile, Kitty Pryde has to stop Juggernaut from killing Jimmy.

So I suppose it’s time to talk about the line. You know the one.

The “I’m the Juggernaut, bitch!” is the Holy Grail of bad fanservice, reference to a YouTube parody that had already been largely forgotten by the time the movie came out. Plus, it’s Vinnie Jones. That line should not be anywhere near the vicinity of Vinnie Jones’ lips. It’s far too American. You’d have to completely re-write the line for it to work.


The battle goes south for Magneto when he gets shot with cure and depowered, so he orders Phoenix to go super-saiyen and wreck this joint. Logan tries to talk her down, and she seems to be calming down but then some of the lab’s security grunts open fire so never fucking mind.

Okay, so, major problem with this movie: We know nothing about the villain. I don’t mean Magneto. I mean the Phoenix.

It’s made clear throughout the movie that Jean and the Phoenix are not the same. It’s not that Jean has gone evil, it’s that there’s another, entirely separate being inside her that’s making her do all this stuff. Okay fine. But WHY? Why is the Phoenix doing ANY of this? What’s the goal? What is it trying to achieve? Phoenix just kind of stumbles around aimlessly randomly reacting to other characters and getting bounced from Point A to Point B as the script requires. What’s Phoenix’s connection (thematic or narrative) to the cure storyline? Nothing. Zilch. Magneto doesn’t even use her until the very end. She just sits there like a bright red “Press to Activate Final Battle” button. The whole movie builds up to this climactic showdown to stop Phoenix and WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS CHARACTER WANTS OR WHY SHE’S DOING WHAT’S SHE’S DOING. SO NOT MUCH WITH THE CARING. We desperately needed a scene where Xavier or somebody actually talks to the Phoenix and we learn what it wants apart from Wolverine’s dick (because you can’t really build a movie around that).

Anyway, Wolverine is the only one who can get close to Jean and she briefly regains control and tells him to kill her. Which is just the final little rabbit dropping on this turd sundae. In the original story, Jean sacrifices herself because she realises that her powers have become too dangerous and she’s risking the lives of everyone she loves. Here, the movie can’t even give her enough agency to commit suicide.

Logan stabs her through the chest and he’s very sad because it’s all about him and it’s all over except the codas. We learn that Rogue took the cure after all (right call, good for her), Angel has joined the X-men, Xavier, Jean and Scott are all buried in the garden so that the children can now that their teachers are decomposing nearby while they play.

And the movie ends with a depowered Magneto in a park in San Francisco playing chess with himself. He reaches out a hand to one of the pieces, and it moves ever so slightly…

Oh, one last observation.

  1. Depowered or not, he’s still the most wanted terrorist on Earth.
  2. Just hanging around.
  3. In broad daylight.
  4. Undisguised.
  5. Literally less than a mile from the scene of his last terrorist attack.
  6. This movie is so insulting to the intelligence it could advertise a mobile game app.


Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb. Just a bad, dull, muscleheaded lunk of a film.

The Stinger:

Moira McTaggart is shocked to hear her brain dead patient speaking to her Xavier’s voice because he transferred his consciousness to him because apparently that whole “ethical quandary” wasn’t as ethically quandrous as he made it out to be.

And the audience went:

Nothing, because it’s 2006 and the audience don’t know that you’re supposed wait until after the credits. The audience have gone home, and are living their lives. Must be nice.

Hey was that Stan Lee?!: That was Stan Lee, watering his garden and being slightly confused at gravity not working any more.

Department of Duplication Department: Kitty Pryde gets her third actor and is now played by Ellen Paige. Hank McCoy is now played by Kelsey Grammer after a blink and you’ll miss it cameo in X2 where he’s played by Steve Bacic.

How worried is Guinan right now?: 

“Everything’s fine, Mouse.”

Wait, Magneto is how old?: In the real world there’s been six years between X-Men 1 and The Last Stand but onscreen we’re probably talking around a year. So let’s say he’s now 71.

Mutant Heaven has no pearly gates, only revolving doors: Here’s where we talk about dead characters coming back to life, as much a staple of the X-Men as clones, chrome and overly complicated timelines. We get Jean, obviously, and a partial resurrection for Xavier that won’t go anywhere.

Today, Mutants are: Mutants are still gay, but are appropriating black mannerisms like a bunch of assholes.

FINAL SCORE: This movie is…





X-pected standard

Un X-ceptional

Un X-cceptable


NEXT UPDATE: 19 July 2018

NEXT TIME: Back for more, eh Bakshi?


  1. I am pretty sure in this film the phoenix is a split personality and not a separate entity that is possessing Jean

  2. This movie sucks and I hate it. BUT it does have one of the best moments in any of the X-men films. When Magneto meets Callisto and the others and is asked why he doesn’t have a mark of pride showing he’s a mutant he just rolls up his sleeve, points to his fucking Holocaust number, and says “No needle will ever touch me again.” THAT is perfect.

  3. Ah, we appreciate your sacrifices, Mouse, watching this movie so no one else has to. 😛

    Also, I think “knife-handed Canadian hobo” is my favorite epithet for Wolverine ever. 😂

  4. There’s a Tumblr post about this: http://captainsnoop.tumblr.com/post/160579785625/x-mens-inherent-flaw-in-its-storytelling-is-that

    “x-men’s inherent flaw in its storytelling is that it always has mutants with useful powers telling mutants with actual curses to be proud of their powers

    “you should embrace your gifts” says Orgasm Dude, the dude with the power to give anyone an orgasm

    “yeah thanks” says Will Explode If He Gets A Boner Man”

  5. Also, in fairness, that quote about Wolverine is probably because nerds tend to like guys who are assholes because they wish they COULD be assholes. Plus, he’s a loner who has friends, but is still his own man and he’s a bit of a sarcastic dick,. but he’s ALLOWED to be because he’s vital to the team. It’s the same reasons House is popular with nerds: That fantasy of being an asshole and getting away with it because you’re that much of a genius. It’s the same reason nerds like Batman, except Batman has the added allure of not having any powers aside form being smarter then everyone else, which is a power most nerds aspire to have, and some, let’s be honest, think they already do have.

    1. Given the events of recent years I think it’s more accurate to say that nerds just ARE assholes

  6. I hated watching this movie in theaters, which doesn’t mean I like it any better at home.

  7. I too, am a fan of Cyclops and was disappointed with his shabby treatment in this film. But the movie does kind of trick you into thinking it’s good for a bit and it’s made me want to rewatch it recently because in my head it’s all “it wasn’t so bad, remember Ellen Paige and Kelsey Grammer, remember how excited you were when Icemam iced up for the first time.”
    Great review for a terrible movie though. I’m curious to see what ends up getting the “X-crement” rating, though I have my suspicions.

  8. This may be your funniest review yet, Mouse. I laughed at damn near every paragraph.

    Yeah, this movie blows. Every few years I come back to it thinking maybe I’ve misjudged it and it’ll be Fun!Stupid instead of Pain!Stupid, but no. It’s a terribly written mess given to an incompetent director, and the good cast couldn’t save it.

    As spotty as the X-Movies can still be, the decision to ignore/retcon/insult this entry and the first Wolverine film outright is one of the best they could have made, and saved the franchise.

    Here’s hoping their second attempt to tell the story of Phoenix is better. They seem to get it right about every other movie, so if we consider this the movie after Apocalypse we should be okay, but if Deadpool 2 counts, we’re in trouble.

  9. Oh man oh man. This was the only one of the X-Men films that I’ve watched, or “watched”: on DVD, on a bus en route back to town from Marching Band camp. Since the environment was noisy, the film was constantly interrupted by announcements, and I wasn’t paying much attention anyway, I remember only seeing disjointed chunks of the film with little sense of the overarching narrative tying it all together, and was mildly curious about what the story actually was.

    It wasn’t until I read this review that I realized…I didn’t miss anything. Those disjointed chunks I thought were scenes spaced apart? Those *were* the narrative.

    This amuses me far more than it should.

  10. Hoo boy, this film….

    When I first saw it in the theater, it was the first X-Men film I had seen. I thought it was pretty good at the time. Me and the others agreed that we didn’t like Juggernaut in the movie, but the rest was okay. Fast forward to many years later, and this movie just gets worse with every repeated viewing for me. (I’ve only seen it twice since then!) Only redeeming qualities this movie has are Kelsey Grammar as Beast, and the dead memes. This movie was so bad, they retconned the whole thing years later…but you already knew that! 😉

  11. I’ve always hated the “mutants are LGBT” thing and I’m queer myself. Mainly because mutants are actually dangerous as fuck and yet everyone acts as if maybe not letting the kid that can fart nuclear bombs wander round a normal kindergarten is the same as concentration camps. Bah.

    1. I agree. In the x-men world a cure has obvious needs. A dangerous terrorist who happens to be an LGBT is nowhere near as scary as an evil person with Morph’s powers.

  12. Personally, I feel utilizing Whedon’s “Gifted” arc wouldn’t do anything but hinder the movie. The long-term ramifications were barely explored in canon, I couldn’t imagine it being dealt with properly in a feature-length film, much less one that was juggling a separate side-story all at the same time. While I still think they can do better (Logan and the Deadpool movies are examples of this), I generally view the X-Men films the same way I view the Star Trek films: If you’re looking for nuance and a deeper introspection of themes and symbolism, you’re looking in the wrong place.

  13. Well, if we’re doing deep dark comic confessions tonight…

    I haven’t seen any of the X-movies in full, but I’ve read Uncanny about a third through the Claremont run and… it is, without qualification, the most overrated “classic” comic I’ve read in my life. Not that pre-Claremont Uncanny was some unsung gem of the Silver Age or anything, but nobody *claimed* it was, so my expectations were suitably low.

    When I hit Claremont, I raised ’em. And the first issue was pretty decent, with a genuinely loopy twist that could only work in comics. And theeeeeen… it went downhill. I practically snoozed through the Dark Phoenix Saga. It kind of amused me to see you complain about the Phoenix’s lack of motive here, because I can’t for the life of me remember (or care) what it was supposed to be in the *original*.

    The impression of Claremont I get is a guy who has all kinds of brilliant ideas, but who can’t really sort them out from the not-brilliant ones and just throws them all at the wall willy-nilly. And worse, he’s got a *really* bad habit of getting bored with one idea almost as soon as the issue’s over and plowing into the next with neither consequences nor buildup (I *still* can’t find a single satisfactory reason the X-Men head into space every 12 issues, let alone Scott’s dad being a space pirate, and hey, weren’t we supposed to be dealing with Banshee’s evil brother or some shit…?). Now, almost every big ongoing writer has this problem to some extent, but they’ve usually got *some* other talent to balance it out. Some are masters of dialog, others brilliant at choreographing fights, still others unparalleled at building atmosphere…

    Claremont’s got none of those. He’s got something of a reputation among fans for always using five words when one will do, but I’d find that forgivable if he actually used all those words to *say* something instead of just explaining the X-Men’s powers every issue, dishing out third-rate soap opera, and changing plotlines faster than you can say “HOW many mutants are we up to now?!”

    Well, now that I’ve thoroughly destroyed all respect you’ve had or will ever have for me… how ’bout that Bat/Cat wedding? Half my Tumblr feed still won’t shut up about it…

  14. Great review and good points as always (happy to see that there’s at least one other Cyclops fan out there – I always liked him better than Wolverine).
    Writing a comment, though, mostly to tell you that I *liked* your Gravity Falls reviews.

  15. Mouse, I’m not sure if you’re back on the Emerald Isle or still bringing your share of culture to the Last Frontier, but wheresoever you may be I hope that weather has been as nice as the sort we’ve been getting on the Right Bank of the Atlantic in the last week or so (I swear all this sunshine gives me chills in anticipation of the Sudden, yet Inevitable deluge of thoroughly appalling weather for which it is clearly softening us up for!).

    One also wanted to speak up a little in defence of Mr Snyder – while he has his faults, I’m not sure that X-MEN would not have been more suited to his genuine talents than the DC Universe turned out to be (if nothing else the “Us against Them” undercurrent of anything mutant-related would have likely suited his approach to Comic Book Movies rather more elegantly than, for instance, Superman).

    If nothing else ’tis hard to imagine him doing less well than Mr Ratner, at least as your review describes his handiwork! (one would also like to ask a serious, important and essential question directly relating to this Review and in no way prompted by mere Whimsy or Mischief – is the young Mckellen more handsome than The Fassbender?).

    1. Now, if my Cunning Plan has succeeded Mouse will be trapped in a blissful haze of bisexual lust while contemplating the two handsome protagonists in this deceptively-simple binary choice, blind to all else that may be afoot … THE BLOG IS OURS, Dear Fellow Readers, so what do we do with it for the brief interval of time it shall be ours to misuse?

      A fine show of puppetry for the delectation of all that may behold their carved anatomies & capers animated by the skilful flourishes of the ventriloquist’s art to commence, a showing of illustrated works by that noble Victorian John Tenniel throughout and, a paean in Praise of that noblest adornment of English punctuation THE OXFORD COMMA to cap off this thrilling Caper!


      Wait a minute, wait a minute what do you mean “Pathetically abortive, ill-considered, underpowered Scheme?” we’re dealing with the Power of the Fass here and I find your lack of Faith Disturbing …

  16. At this point I should probably apologise for letting flourish of whimsy turn into a mad ramble, but this blog (as opposed to the Films it reviews) has been barren of quality villainy for far too long and SOMEONE has to cook up a harebrained scheme of poorly-thought-out malevolence to keep Mouse on his … does Mus musculus actually have toes? … well anyway, keep Mouse’s tail a-twitching in anticipation of a Real Threat rolling up to CONQUER THE BLOG.

    That’s my story and I intend to stick with it only until one can come up with something more likely to leave me on the right side of the booby* hatch!

    (*That’s period slang for a entrance to an asylum, bedlam house or national legislature with an especially “eclectic” clientele and in no way an anatomical euphemism; that’s what it says on Wikipedia so it MUST be True).

      1. Well I’ll just have to start wearing a bowtie and stop launching into rambles over ground undermined by my own Delusions of Humour then! (-:

  17. There’s maybe a third of a genuinely good film here, which makes it all the sadder that it’s trapped with…everything else. Though this is the film where my automatic reaction of “just kill Magneto” kicked in for the first time (I know he’s suffered, I know he has justifications for his actions…but I feel like there should be a limit on how many times can someone attempt to commit genocide before they’re taken out for the good of the planet). It still makes me sad thinking of what they did with Rogue – they really played that character dirty all the way through the films.

  18. How can there be a question about Mulan being better than Moana? The later is nice but barely has anything unique in it.

    If you believe that gay conversion therapy works and the people in it are voluntary there is no difference between the reality and you hypothetical argument.

    Loved the animorphs reference but saddened it was to the tv show not to the books.

  19. Ohhh, this doozy. I’ve been waitin’ for this one. It seems one thing you and Confused Matthew agree on is that this is a really messed up one.

    What I really dislike about this one (which, as I have mentioned before, is relevant to the previous movie as well) is how frustratingly badly the Phoenix arc was handled and relayed, starting with its beginning in X2. The “heroic sacrifice” at the end of that movie seemed pretty unnecessary itself, to the point of coming off genuinely suicidal. From what I gather, that was the idea; she was presumably supposed to have realized Phoenix was going to come out and was trying to kill herself to kill Phoenix. However, neither X2 nor The Last Stand ever make that properly apparent, to the point that I actually thought the dam incident was what caused Phoenix to come out, which ended up marring both films, as I was given the impression Jean damned everyone for no good reason.

    Even if that had been patched by maybe making Xavier posit that Jean had attempted to kill Phoenix, that still makes this movie dumb, both that means Xavier was still seemingly perfectly happy to let Scott get destroyed by grief by withholding the knowledge Jean had actually survived, a choice which lead to the death of one of his longest-known colleagues and most faithful pupils. I was pretty young when this came out, so I might hold a bit of a grudge against this one because I saw it before I was really mature enough to handle sequels where well-known characters drop like flies, but even in retrospect, I just wish the writers had at least tried to make the story feel less stupidity driven.

  20. Rant over, let’s see yours. Yeah, totally with your page on Cyclops. Pretty funny how he was outbrooding Wolverine here. Problems with how Scott got MacLeaned aside, I did kind of like how his and Logan’s relationship was kind of getting developed a bit in this movie, with him actually acting sympathetic towards Cyclops, and then being the only one who seemed to care that Jean obliterated him (for maybe a few minutes before the entire movie closed the lid on his grave like a trash can top, but still). Loved the Spacey barb too. And I guess the one other nice thing about this one is that it and First Class’s continuity knots might have been what led to Walking-Serum-Junkie Xavier in Days of Future Past, which I really liked. As for Mystique (whom I’ll probably forever hold a grudge against this movie for de-Mystiquifying), I remember the first time I watched this movie with my family, my mum remarked right away that Mystique inexplicably got makeup after she got darted. Strangely enough, that bugged us more than uncanny valley Stewart and McKellen.

    It’s funny, I kind of remembered that Juggernaut line from watching him in MUGEN. Also, references to corny youtube videos aren’t suitable for superheroes? Tell that to Cinema Sins, who gave Black Panther a negative sin for Shuri’s crocs vine reference (not that I even mind, I was just glad Shuri got the negative sin she deserved). Also, that mess of flashbacks didn’t phase Guinan, huh? Guess that’s just ominous if this is nothing.

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