New Patron and the Blog Awards

Hi everyone, please join me in saying a big hello to our new patron:

Dylan Lessel, the secret identity of Shrinking Man, an obscure Silver Age DC hero who was rocketed to prominence in the late eighties by a dark, deconstructionist mini-series written by Alan Moore.

In other news, you may have noticed my new buddy on the right there:


Yup, Unshaved Mouse has been shortlisted for Best Film and TV Blog (Personal Category) for the Blog Awards Ireland 2018. The other blogs with whom I am locked in a vicious elevator knife-fight are:

Films and Faith

Luwd Media

Reel Time Flicks

The Sundae

They’re all fantastic blogs and I feel humbled to be included in their company. Go check them out.

And then come back because they will never love you like I do.


  1. Dear Mouse, congratulations on your forthcoming Death-Match with these pitiful specimens that dare consider themselves your rivals – just remember to make sure you work them over just Ugly enough to win, but not so Ugly their relatives can’t give them an open casket funeral!

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