Ugh, of all the Patreons in all the world…

Damn it damn it damn it.

We got a new Patron and you’re probably thinking “ooooh smameann, he seems nice.”

Well he’s not nice! He’s the opposite of nice! For you see, he is none other than my third-from-the-top arch-enemy, the Unscrupulous Mouse!

“What? I just want to support you!”

“I’m on to you villain!”

“Good, good. The plan proceeds on schedule.”

“Your asides are going to the front again.”



  1. Step 1: Become patron to your brother’s movie review blog.

    Step 2: Slowly increase contributions over time until you have full control over the movies he watches.

    Step 3: Trap him on satellite with snarky robots…

  2. Hmmm … on the one hand the Unscrupulous Mouse has prior claim to being his Brother’s Archenemy-Tertiary, on the other hand I put my own unscrupulous plan* into action first; well, we both want to tweak the Unshaved Mouse’s whiskers for our own amusement so I’m sure we can arrange some mutually-satisfactory collaboration.

    After all, what’s the point in being a Briton with mischievously wicked plans for the Mouse if one cannot be a Gentleman about this sort of thing? (someday I’m going to have to commission an icon depicting a shadowy rascal with a wideawake hat and a glittering monocle – thanks for suggesting my alter ego Mouse!).

    *1: Contribute to the Mouse’s financial well-being and thereby win the right to request reviews of him.

    2: Request reviews of genuinely good, but not PERFECT movies (or just entertainingly bad ones) to soothe the poor rodent’s traumas and restore his sense of wellbeing.


    ^^ STEP 4 ^^

  3. Mouse, on a more serious note the Internet would appear to have fouled up my first effort to upgrade my contribution to your Patreon – we all know how good technology is at confusing things AND its users – but so far as I know that’s just been set to rights.

    Please forgive this little slip-up and please pardon me if this message is a thoroughly redundant bit of clutter!

      1. MOUSE HUNT (a rather delightful comedy from 1997 which I retain fond memories of even these many years later; you’ll be delighted to hear that the Mouse wins!).

        ^^ It also has a rather lovely theme. ^^

  4. Mouse – not you, UM, the other UM …. ummm!

    On a more serious note, UNSHAVED Mouse, the date given for your INSIDE OUT review is September 27th – mischief suggests I ask if you plan to make us wait a whole year (in which case WELL PLAYED, that’s an excellent strategy to undermine the Wicked Schemes of your admirers) or just intend to employ good old fashioned Time Travel.

    However, as a Gentleman Antagonist, I would merely like to ask if you mean October 27th instead; could you please clarify?

      1. Thank You very kindly for answering my somewhat-mischevious query with such tolerance (and please don’t worry, we all make these little slip-ups being only Mammalian). (-;

  5. Mouse, I know this must be a terribly banal question after the point raised above but might one ask if you would be willing to provide a shortlist of DVDs/Movies currently in your possession that you would be happy to review at some future date? (It has occurred to me that taking advantage of the privilege you have extended the $10-a-month club to ask for just ANY old Movie – which you may actually need to buy – rather defeats the point of your Patreon account!).

    I also wanted to suggest that my fellow contributors to the Unshaved Mouse Patreon might want to get together and work out some consensus that will allow us to make the smallest number of requests per month for the sake of your convenience (I was thinking that each interest contributor might suggest a movie, you could reduce the list generated to a shortlist and all interested parties could vote on which movie we’d most like you to review – would that be acceptable?).

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