New Patrons!

A belated thank you to these new patrons:

Isaacblue72, an AI from the future who came back in time to teach us all about the magic of future funk.

Ragnar Haukur Sverrisson, who ruled the Viking settlement of Dublin from 1041 to 1982.

Castiel Destler, villain of the relatively obscure but well regarded James Bond movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Mission to Russia with a View to a Deadly Kill. 


  1. That was a better description than I was expecting, considering how much of a pain in the ass I’ve been.

  2. That’s from 1041 to 1992, thank you very much. I didn’t arm wrestle with the Grim Reaper once every year for nearly thousand so you could get the dates wrong. (That boney bastard finally got me with his “look behind you” trick). Beware Mouse; if you spread more falsehoods about my deeds, I swear on my undead life I will come and whoop your ass.

  3. Mouse, as a proud son of the Emerald Isle – and a murine that has politely chastised me for using “British Isles” indiscriminately – may one please ask if “British and Irish Islands” works better as a more neutral term? (working by analogy with “British & Irish islands”).

  4. Make that “as YOU are a proud son of the Emerald Isle” (one could never claim to be an Irishman, for fear my nose would poke right through the computer screen after such a lie!). (-:

  5. I’ve been meaning to ask you about your Patreon. It says that someone who pledges at least $10 per month can “request a review every month.” Does that literally mean a patron can only REQUEST one thing per month and any other requests in the same month will be ignored, or just only one of the things a person requests will be reviewed each month? Could a patron at that level post a list of 12 things they want reviewed in 2019 with what month they want each reviewed and get all of those reviews they wanted in the months they wanted them?

    1. Once you request a review it goes in the queue. You can request multiple reviews at once but they’ll only be added to the queue one at a time. You request five movies in November; movie 1 gets added in November, movie 2 in December and so on. Keep in mind the queue is looooong. At present you’ll be waiting almost two years from the initial request. Sorry, I can only write so fadst.

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