Hey guys, very sorry but looks like the Tintin review is going to have be postponed as Mini Mouse has come down with a case of the Mumps. Or, as we mice call it, “The Squeaks” (or Mumps rubulavirus). She’s absolutely fine (she’s had her shots which gave her some resistance) but it means that today’s review wasn’t ready in time. See you next week!


  1. Please allow me to add my Best Wishes for little Miss Mouse’s speedy recovery from this particular affliction; on a lighter note, this could be the perfect excuse to deepen the young lady’s acquaintance with those diverse Tintin albums and add her thoughts on the Spielberg/Jackson/Moffat film to the finished article.

    Just remember, it’s not Child Labour if the child enjoys it! (-;

  2. I hope she recovers soon and that you and Mrs. Mouse don’t catch it.

    Also kind of wish we had thought up a better name for this pathogen. Mumps sounds like the name of a Care Bears villain.

    Stay well.

  3. Sorry to hear. Fuck mumps and fuck the anti-vax crowd. Hoping for a speedy recovery.

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