Deep breath…

Almost seven year ago, I decided to start a blog as a way to practice my writing, develop a profile as a writer and maybe even foster a following.

And I decided to that in the character of a mouse who had been cursed by Walt Disney to review every one of his feature length animated films for reasons that have been lost to history but were absolutely rock solid at the time.

“We had a one-month old baby and you hadn’t slept in weeks.”

“Ahhhhhh…yes. That was it.”

Seven years is a long time. This is an old blog. I realised just recently that I’ve been blogging as Mouse for almost a fifth of my life. It’s brought me an incredible amount of joy and satisfaction and it has been my pleasure and privilege to know you all. Which is why I want you all to know…

“Oh God, are you dying?!”

“What? No!”

Guys? I have good news.

Like. I have really, really, good news.

Guys. I got an agent.

As of three days ago I am represented by Jennie Goloboy of the Donald Maass Literary Agency for my novel, The Caspian Sea.

Yeah. That happened.


  1. Congratulations! That’s wonderful news. 😀

    (I’m very selfish – my first thought was not “OMG he’s dying” but “he’s going to announce he’s decided this blog is silly and am embarrassing specimen of his ‘immature’ writing and never come back” — hey, it happens!)

    Best wishes for your book!

  2. Congratulations, Neil! 😀 Keep us updated?

    (Count me among the people who were afraid you were announcing something like a bad diagnosis or the end of this blog. So happy to be wrong!)

  3. Congrats! you deserve this, you really do. As someone whos been reading your blog for a good while now (a couple years at least), its super cool to see you get to this point!

    Here’s to present and future success!

  4. Dude, congrats! Your writing is fantastic, and I hope this helps more people discover that.

  5. MEANWHILE the Aral Sea looks at its near-neighbour and wonders how that lucky SOB got so lucky AGAIN (for some reason opportunities for the Aral really seem to have dried up recently).

    On a more serious note, congratulations on so positive a development Mouse – just remember not to smudge the lines on that Pentagram and make sure not to sign ANYTHING if all they’re willing to offer is red ink!

    1. As you might have noticed, my understanding of showbiz agents may have been shaped by exposure to FRASIER at an early age (Literature is showbiz adjacent these days, honest, just ask all those tony costume dramas and B-movie!).

  6. Congratulations! I started following you around the time of Renaissance reviews and you’ve become a stable presence of my weekly “has this person published anything new?” Internet rounds.

    I actually thought you were going to announce that you were done with the mouse persona and were just going to publish reviews as yourself. I’m glad this did not happen. ^^


    I’m so happy for you, Mouse! As soon as it’s published I’m buying myself a copy! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  8. I’m just a humble lurker on this blog, brought in by the Little Mermaid review when it was referenced on TVtropes. This said, I gave a little “YEEP!” and laugh when I saw the magic words “I got an agent.” I clapped and cheered and everything, because that’s awesometastic. Fantastic news all around, and I can’t wait to hear more about this book!

    (Well actually I can wait, what with publishing being an endurance race but… Point is! I will be excited to hear about the project when the time is right.)

  9. Great news, Mouse! I’ve been reading your blog since my freshman year of high school, and I’m about to graduate in a week. I can tell how much work you’ve put into this blog and your writing. Best of luck, dude! And thanks for making these four years a little happier!

  10. Congratulations on moving forward in your writing career, mouse! As someone that’s followed you from all the way back when you also posted on That Guy With The Glasses (and SPEAKING of “seemed rock solid at the time”) it’s great to see your hard work pay off in various ways, like getting to write theater plays and raising your kid right and this, which I presume is a very big step for a writer in some way. Even if I seldom comment these days I still follow and read most of what you do, and hope I’ll continue to do so for a long time onwards! I mean, if those leaked shots of Disney’s release schedule are correct you won’t lack Marvel or Disney movies to review for a looooong time onwards… though if I’m still here in 2025 when you review Avatar 5 (because lets be real it’s gonna be an all-CGI movie by then), I may be wondering what I’m doing with my life.

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