1. That was lovely.

    Glad everyone is doing well, and that you were able to get such a good digital avatar so that people watching your videos don’t know you’re a mouse. It’s very lifelike!

    In all seriousness though, take care, and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

  2. I guess I now will hear every time your accent in your mind when I read your articles.

    Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Hope the measures will work and we will all get out fine on the other end sooner rather than later.

  3. 20/20 music, 20/20 lead, 20/20 villain and definitely a 20/20 animation for the human avatar. Happy St Patrick’s Day and take care!

  4. Thank you for the song, Unshaved Mouse! Err, Unshaved Human? . . . you know what I mean. Anyway. Glad to hear you’re all ok and hope you’ll continue to be so.

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