CrimeReads Article, Chicago Review of Books Review and Cory Doctorow

Hi all! Here’s some more links (I swear I will be posting an actual movie review soon).

Here‘s an article I wrote for about George Smiley, a huge influence on my own character Nikolai South.

Here is a really nice, in-depth review from the Chicago Review of Books for When the Sparrow Falls.

And as a reminder, I’ll be having an in-depth conversation with author and journalist Cory Doctorow about the themes and world of the book on July 10th 2PM, Pacific Time. He’s a fascinating guy, it should be a fascinating talk and you can reserve your tickets HERE.


  1. “(I swear I will be posting an actual movie review soon).”

    Seeing a new post did get my hopes up. I have been looking forward to Hercules and Xena for so long, especially after your Hera jokes in Disney’s Hercules.

  2. Mouse: here’s my book!
    Me: looks real interesting but I have a long Amazon list already…
    Mouse: it’s George Smiley inspired.
    Me: *reaches for wallet*

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