1. Honestly, I’d argue that Robin Hood is one of the most inherently period-flexible characters in legend: ‘Robs from the rich to give to the poor’ works like gangbusters no matter what milieu the Hooded Man happens to find himself in, Nottingham or no Nottingham.

  2. I actually popped in having watched FIRE & ICE on the Amazon ‘channel’ and (having read your reviews of Bakshi beforehand) was delighted to discover that it was a perfectly straightforward Fantasy Action Movie: While the female lead is quite ludicrously sexualised (especially if you believe claims she’s supposed to be fifteen years old, which I refuse to on principle), the entire d— cast seem to have their internal clocks set to NFA o’Clock, so she’s surprisingly awesome, as is the whole dratted feature.
    Well, it’s a bit less surprising when you learn that the whole thing is based on the illustrations of Mr Frank Frazetta – who so far as I can tell painted with Liquid Awesome – and was written with contributions from Messers Gerry Conway & Roy Thomas (Who know a thing or three about Barbarian Action).

    I’ll have to watch it again to be certain, but this dark horse may just have earned a spot on my list of Favourite Movies (warts & all) and I certainly recommend it to you as an old-school, all-action fantasy film that I’d actually be interested in seeing a sequel to (if nothing else the question of what happens to a Classic Fantasy Princess when she becomes queen in a world savaged by a literally elemental conflict is an interesting one … also, how does a Frazetta Girl cope with becoming a mother and grandmother? For that matter, how the heck would a daughter & granddaughter cope with comparisons to their ancestress?).

  3. For the record, that was a recommendation for some entertainment rather than a request (while I’d love to read your thoughts on the film, you’re far too busy for me to feel comfortable requesting a review). (-:

  4. Hey Mouse, just popping in to say that I’m reading your book right now. Only about halfway done, but so far I’m loving it.

  5. Batman will outlive you, me, and anything any of us may write, and there are no ways around that.

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