Let’s all take a look at the Big Hero Six trailer

So after a long period of radio silence Disney have finally released the first teaser trailer for the next installment in the canon, Big Hero Six. We’ll take a look at the teaser in a second but first, let’s go over what we know about this one.
What is Big Hero Six?
Big Hero Six is a movie.
See? This is why I come here. Searing insight like that.
Well I aim to please.
What is the movie about, smart guy?
Big Hero Six came about with Disney’s acquisition of Marvel Comics. The Disney animators were told to go through Marvel’s back catalogue to look for concepts that would work as animated features.
So, when presented with the opportunity to play with Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Avengers, Daredevil, The Fantastic Four, Nextwave…
They chose Big Hero Six, an obscure team of Japanese superheroes. Correct.
So who are Big Hero Six?
The original team included X-Men characters Sunfire and Silver Samurai, GoGo Tomago who can transform into a ball of energy, Honey Lemon who can pull any object out of her magic purse, boy genius Hiro Takachito and his robot buddy Baymax. They’ve made the odd appearance in other books, and were introduced in Starfire & Big Hero Six #1.
Was it any good?
I dunno.
Wait a minute. You? Unshaved Mouse? Don’t know something about a comic book?
Really, really, really obscure property guys. I’m a nerd, I’m not a “I’ve read Big Hero Six” nerd. However, it was written by Scott Lobdell who wrote this little treasure.
Worst goddamn book of the worst goddam reboot in the worst goddamn period of DC history.

Worst goddamn book of the worst goddamn reboot in the worst goddamn period of DC history…sorry I’m getting off track.

So I’m guessing it’s not the second coming of Watchmen.
So why would Disney choose to adapt a property that was both so obscure and so tainted with Lobdell stink?
Probably precisely because it was so obscure. One thing that holds true with Disney adaptations across the eras is that they tend to be, very, very loose, often deviating wildly from the source material.

This is, after all, the company that took the story of a chicken getting hit on the head with an acorn and turned it into War of the Worlds .

If you are a Big Hero Six fan hoping for a faithful adaptation of the comic then this is not the movie you’re looking for. We can go about our business. Move along. If Disney had decided to do, say, an animated Captain America movie, they’d have legions of fanboys breathing down their next over the slightest change to the story. With Big Hero Six, they have more freedom to truly make it their own (and if the movie is a success, you can damn well bet that Marvel will change the in-comic team to more closely resemble the movie). Disney seem to have been attracted to the story by the relationship between Hiro and Baymax and will apparently be focussing on that. Also, Sunfire and Silver Samurai will almost certainly not be appearing in the film as Sunfire is an X-Man and Silver Samurai is a Wolverine villain, the movie rights to which are both owned by Fox.
I want Robert Downey Junior in my lady parts. Since this is a Marvel movie, is there a chance that Iron Man might cameo. Is this connected to the greater Marvel cinematic universe?
Almost certainly no. In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and say DEFINITELY no. Disney seems to have created an entirely new fictional world for this movie. It takes place in “San Fransokyo”, a mashup of Tokyo and San Francisco. It would be pretty much impossible to reconcile that with the more realistic world depicted in the Avengers whose nations and cities are shown to pretty much line up exactly with our own. The only possible hint of a crossover with other Marvel properties is that Samuel L. Jackson has been cast in an unconfirmed role. Will he appear as Nick Fury? Possibly. But I still wouldn’t hold out much hope of this movie crossing over with the other Marvel movies.
Alright, let’s take a look at the trailer.
Hmmm…I can’t quite put my finger on it but there’s something quite familiar about this.
Okay, not the most original trailer Disney have ever done. So what we have here is a sequence of Hiro putting Baymax together. Rather than showing a sizzle reel of scenes from the movie this feels more like the Olaf/Sven shorts that Disney released before Frozen, more about showing off the characters designs and animation that going into plot. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if none of this actually ends up being in the movie. A big difference is that I absolutely hated the Olaf/Sven shorts which seemed to be aping DreamWorks whereas this feels more Pixar by way of Miyazaki to me.
Which, as pedigrees go...

Which, as pedigrees go…

“Stay Puft Marshmallow Man” Baymax is pretty adorable and the animation is of course excellent. I can’t say I’m now absolutely raring to go and see Big Hero Six but I don’t see anything here that worries me (which makes it a big step up from the Frozen teaser). We’ll see where they go from here.
What do you guys think? Let me know in comments.


  1. I’m sold…but then, I rarely miss a Disney movie if I can help it. I hope that they will at least use the ball in the movie…it is hilarious.

    Plus, I have seen some of the designs for Sans Fransyokio or however it is called, and they look great. Above all, they look dirty, not at all like the squeaky clean CGI designs we usually get…I have the feeling that they put a lot of thoughts into the design and go something less typical CGI. I’m pretty tired of seeing always the same stuff on screen. This looks like it will be some sort of anime CGI, which promise to be something to be at least interesting to look at – there is a reason why The Incredibles is my favourite Pixar movie when it comes to the animation. It has pretty much its own style.

    Plus, when it comes to Comic books…even if I knew this series, I wouldn’t care about changes. I am so used to Comic book franchises reinventing themselves all the time. Unlike books, where I harp over every change, it’s somehow a more natural process to rewrite Superheroes – to a certain degree.

  2. Thank you!! I was wondering what this was all about. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a cameo by Captain Canuck.

  3. I want a giant silicone-bellied robot. I want to use him as a beanbag and ride on his squishy shoulders and frolic clumsily in the meadows with him.
    I hadn’t heard about this movie until yesterday, but I’m curious and excited about it now that I’ve read up on it a bit. I do wish there were more than two female roles in the titular group, but that’s better than just a token girl (or worse, none at all). It sounds like the kind of movie my younger brother and I will both enjoy.

  4. Well, I honestly don’t know what to think about this movie. I never looked at the past of a Disney film before it’s released, but it looks good! btw, I liked the Frozen teaser but this one is good too! 🙂

  5. I’m starting to get a little irritated by Disney’s lack of creativity in human lead character designs. I saw Hiro in the trailer and immediately though “Oh shit, they took the face for Anna from Frozen and gave it a new haircut.” And people were already accusing them of taking Rapunzel’s model from Tangled and reusing it for Anna and Elsa in Frozen!

  6. When the first teaser of the city was shown, I was kind of annoyed that it was CG. Not because I dislike CG or anything. But because since the movie is based off of a comic, I thought that was a chance to mix the usual Disney style with a comic book style to create a unique looking Disney movie. Does that make sense?

    But now that we can tell they’re going for a 3D anime style, I guess that’s fine.

  7. Yup, looks MUCH better than the Frozen teaser. It actually made me laugh, the Sven/Olaf made me…cringe…

    Talking about Marvel…man, have you heard about the Edgar Wright thing? The guy left Ant-Man. Marvel’s now trying to find a new director…
    In other words, six years of waiting for nothing *sigh*

    1. Um, why did he leave? He had the script done didn’t he, and he seemed to be on board with the project, so….what the hell?

      1. They say “creative differences”, which translates to “we had SOME issues with him. Some. What issues you ask? Some, just some”. So we’ll probably never know…officially.
        It’s probably due to Wright being a lazy butt, though. I mean, I love his movies, but GOD has he taken a while to make that Ant-Man movie.

        If they find a good director (maybe the co-writer?), good riddance I say. It’s either that or scrap the film…it’ll be 2012 all over again.

  8. Really good teaser, I found it charming, cute, and pretty funny. I’ve been looking forward to this ever since they announced it and I think it’s some interesting new ground for Disney, it’s probably their first ever animated comic book adaptation AND their first superhero movie in the animated canon. Also the other thing I’m looking forward to is….well, the villain (if there is one), a good comic book superhero movie always has its good villain. 🙂

  9. It held my interest, though I do see the typical Disney character animation in this film though. This is definitely a better teaser than the Olaf/Sven teaser in Frozen.

  10. Well, I love comic book movies, so I’m excited for this even thought I know nothing about Big Hero 6… Wait…
    It was written by… Scott Lobdell!?!

    Ok, but seriously, the trailer is cute, and I’m sure Disney won’t let any of Lobdell’s ickiness into the film… GUH the very THOUGHT makes me squirm.

  11. I frigging loved this teaser. I actually thought it was cute. Yes, it resembles the Incredibles’ teaser quite a bit, but it isn’t a copy and paste trailer like many others I’ve seen lately. I like the design for Hiro. He looks like a hybrid of the Disney house style, Ash Ketchum, and L. Baymax is simply adorable. He’ll probably be a big hit with the kids.

  12. a Disney employee that is working on this film had confirmed that even the casts shown in IMDB r fake. So Samuel Jackson might be a fake cast too.

    and I really like the teaser. the moment I look at the kid I see huge anime influences, which is a great thing. Considering Disney and anime animations r pretty much similar, its easier to blend in both. really huge step up from the frozen teaser.

  13. Considering we’re getting Quick Silver and the Scarlet Witch in the next Avengers movie, they could use Silver Samurai (unless he appeared in the Wolverine movie I didn’t bother to see) and Sunfire and just tweak their backstories to remove their relation to X-Men.

    1. Nah, it’s not that simple. Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch may be Magneto’s children but they’re Avengers first and foremost and Marvel owns the movie rights to all Avengers characters. Sunfire has never been on the Avengers (far as I know) and as already pointed out, Fox already has dibs on Silver Samurai.

      1. Then the other solution is use the concept of the characters with different names and some cosmetic differences. Since this is called Big Hero 6, they’re all going to be there in some form or another.

  14. I’m really SUPER excited about this movie. Disney really jumped into the deep end of modern culture with Wreck-It Ralph, and in my opinion it was stunningly successful. With the same team on board from Wreck-It Ralph, I have extremely high hopes for Big Hero 6.

  15. To everyone worried about it being a Lobdell creation, I just want to say that it was also handled by Chris FUCKING Claremont! 😀

    Having said that, the series is still pretty much a blank slate and Disney have lots and lots of room to entirely make it their own and give it a profile like no other.

  16. Baymax *looks* adorable, and if he were essentially a silent robot (like Wall-E) I would probably be more interested in this movie. But I watched a scene that was promoted as actually going to be in the movie.

    Baymax’s voice is fine, very nice even. But (in that scene) he never. Shuts. Up. And it got reaaaaaally annoying for me.

    Howsomever, the trailers and shorts for Frozen utterly convinced me that I would detest and despise Olaf, and I was utterly wrong about him. So maybe Baymax is only annoying in that one scene?

  17. Well, you’ve at least managed to put my feelings on this movie a step up. That is from “bitter that it means that the first and last animated Disney movies no longer share names that relate to winter” to “mildly interested”. Yeah, I have weird neuroses.

    Speaking of those, trying to navigate comment sections of these before having managed to watch Frozen (and Tangled for that matter) is release time of the Deathly Hallows all over again. Pretty lousy time to be allergic to spoilers.

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