1. I’m of two opinions. I don’t think they should have kowtowed to their attackers.

    But there really were a lot of theaters refusing to show the movie for fear of violence (and probably fearing that movie-goers would be too afraid to attend a theater showing the movie.) So I can understand pulling it for that reason.

    The most recent blackmail threat is that the attackers will release more confidential/embarrassing stuff if Sony EVERY releases “The Interview.” Which is totally beyond bullshit.

    1. There’s a word for it when a country actually carries out an attributable terrorist attack on citizens of another country. Three letters, rhymes with “star”.

      Considering that North Korea didn’t go to war despite much, /much/ more extreme situations in the past, the threat this time around ranks even lower in credibility than Pyongyang’s biweekly promises to drown Seoul in nuclear fire.

      1. Agreed. This isn’t ISIS. It’s not like North Korea has sympathisers in the west willing to do its dirty work. No one issue getting themselves killed for Kim Yong Un’s ego.

  2. It was a bad idea from the start to make a movie like that, especially knowing how……….I don’t want to say crazy, but how aggressive the country of North Korea is.

  3. My word, sir, did you just insult my mother?!?

    I’ll have you know I do not tolerate the bad-mouthing of arugula eaters!

  4. Um, greetings from the far-flung future of December 14th, 2022. Now that that’s out of the way, the only thing I can see of the column is a bolded “My thoughts.”, and then it goes straight to the replies. Was this article deleted?

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