Patron Saints of America (Mouse wrote a movie! Apparently…)

Back in college I wrote a play called Patron Saints of America which holds a unique position as being the oldest thing I’ve written for stage that I can now look back on and not shudder. In hindsight, while I don’t think it’s perfect by any stretch, it’s probably the first thing that I wrote that reads like something I’d write today. It’s where I think I found my voice, I guess you could say (prior to this I was just making exaggerated hand gestures). Now, that play was directed by two friends of mine Finbarr Doyle and Jimmy McNulty.
He is probably the only person on earth who hates The Wire for that very reason.

Who is probably the only person on earth who hates The Wire.

Not too long ago, Jimmy and another friend of mine, Keith Thompsons (who played the character of Bruce onstage) arrived at my house to tell me that, as a birthday present to me, they actually went and turned Patron Saints of America into a short film that they managed to shoot in one night. I know, right? Happy birthday, here is a motion picture.
Now, while I’m obviously biased, I think this turned out kind of amazing. The movie’s below, let me know what you think.


  1. It took me about 5 minutes in to get that the waitress is harley, and another 3 to know for certain that bats and lex were talking.

      1. Yeah, soon as they mentioned her old bf liked to wear purple, I had an inkling, but I wasn’t certain. Also, she didn’t talk in the Harley accent, so I felt confirmation was needed. As for Bats, I was only sure at the hint of Robin that it was him. And by the by, this was incredible. Luthor’s one of my favs, and you really got his character. He doesn’t want to WIN, he wants to BE WINNING. Best line. 😀

  2. Really liked that. Got that it was Bats first, just from the voice lol. I didn’t really realize it was Lex til the ending. The acting was great, as was the script!

  3. I wish I hadn’t known the twist going in. I do think the Harley clues were the most clear. Still a fun watch.

      1. Well I know Keith and Jimmy (the actors in this) from my college drama days. I had a pint with a mutual friend and youraelf at least five years ago and I think this is when I heard about this (from him, not you tooting your own horn) and thought it sounded really cool. The execution matched what I’d heard.

  4. It’s pretty good. It took my a while to figure it out, though. And the video seemed really jumpy. That may have only been my computer, though.

      1. Oh, okay. And I just didn’t figure it out because I’m not very good at stuff like that…

  5. Well done, Mouse, well done. I was thinking it was Bats and Lex about halfway through, but then I thought that was just me making things up, but then I heard the name Harley and when it started nearing the end, I giggled like an idiot. Great job.

      1. There was a hint of the accent, wasn’t there? Anyways, I don’t know if this was intentional on the part of Mouse or the director or not, but in Batman The Animated Series, Harley mentioned being a bottle blonde. So a rehabilitated Harley being brunette makes too much sense. 😀

  6. Impressive. 🙂 I also realized that Patron Saints also serves as a neat cap off of the Timm/Dini DC Animated Universe (or at least the series set in the present time like Batman the Animated Series, Superman the Animated Series, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited). Imagined it to be set sometime in between those series and Batman Beyond. Completely fits.

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