The fair city…

I’ll (hopefully) be putting up some recommendations for blogs to tide you over while Unshaved Mouse goes on a brief gallstone-enforced hiatus. Of course, if you want a recommendation for your blog from me so badly, why don’t you marry me?  That’s what my wife did, and so I’m now recommending the blog of the person who has been previously referred to in the comments as Spouse of Mouse, a nickname that I do not endorse in any way.
“Thin. Ice.”

“Thin. Ice.”

Anyway, if you like things that are jaw-droppingly beautiful you should check out my lady’s photo blog of Dublin. She’s captured some really gorgeous images of our hometown in all its shambling magnificence and it’s really worth a look. Also, it’s our ten year anniversary this month so you’d be doing a bro a solid.
Mouse out.


  1. Can I play too? I would like to recommend the one, the only,
    Although, you probably know about it, since that’s probably where you found that one “erotic novel” you mentioned in the Dinosaur review. At least, that’s how I hope you found it….

  2. Mouse, I just saw Song of the Sea, and HOLY SHIT. You seriously need to see it. It’s even better than Kells. Easily in my Top 10. Just… buy it. Don’t rent it, buy it, it’s worth it. Man…

  3. Pretty nice shots of the city there! Dublin’s got a few sights that aren’t that strange to me in my city here in Canada. Similar transit vehicles and blooming spring blossoms (there must be some species invadin’ going on ’round here). Tell the Missus I appreciate her supporting the marriage equality vote; I know a lesbian who would appreciate being allowed to visit her relatives in Ireland without having to come to a country hostile towards her.

    I liked the Dublin photos, but I must say I liked the Blasket islands cliff and beach photos the most. And the panoramic shot where Edinburgh castle appears to be bathed in a perfect, divine pillar of light. And being a bit of a shutterbug myself, I must say, I believe your wife’s got a similar relationship with the Dublin Port that I’ve got with my bathroom window. The light UFOs in the dusk sky were cool.

    Also, is that Mini Mouse getting swung around at Booley Bay?

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