Frog Reviews – Suicide Squad

Well, well, well. What have we here?

Huh? Me?

                                      Huh? Me? 

No, not you, Sandy Claws. Me. Frog. I’m reviewing films now for my old partner in crime (not real crime, though – just the kind against theatre, and even then they were more misdemeanours)  Unshaved Mouse.

I’ll be posting probably about once a week with a new rant / rave (likely rant) about the most recent film what I saw. I’m new to the blogging world, so let’s all go on a journey through my damaged psyche, because the first film  I viewed for you lovely internet-people was… well…


Now I know what you’re thinking –  Who the hell are any of these people?

The answer is that I don’t know, even less so after viewing the film.

Suicide Squad represents some aggressively bad film-making, both in the technical sense and also in the sense that the people who made it are worryingly cynical, sexist, and aggressive.

9 C-list DC characters are introduced in this movie. Let’s try and remember them all, shall we?

Will Smith as Deadshot Crime : Can't Act Punishment : I have to watch him

Will Smith as Deadshot
Crime : Can’t Act
Punishment : I have to watch him


Adewale Akinnuoye-agbaje as Killer Croc Crime : Is a monster Punishment : Completely mishandled as a character

Adewale Akinnuoye-agbaje as Killer Croc
Crime : Is a monster
Punishment : Completely mishandled as a character


Jay Hernandez as El Diablo Crime: Is Racist Caricature Punishment : Can only wear wife-beater, has dead wife for motivation

Jay Hernandez as El Diablo
Crime: Is Racist Caricature
Punishment : Can only wear wife-beater in the cold and rain.


I mean, there’s a lot of these guys already, I’m fading fast here. Do these people know each other, at least?

Nope. They all meet for the first time about 30 minutes into the film.

That first 30 minutes tho

Clearly remoulded frantically  after the catastrophic  Batman V Superman, the first twenty minutes of Suicide Squad represents 6  films  summarized in six 2-minute bursts of short-hand, outrageously written character “building”. Colours fly at the screen in pop-art screams, accompanied by squealing guitar licks and rad back-flips, probably, I don’t know I blacked out for a bit in the middle there.

It’s like the intro to Cartman’s “Dawg The Hall Monitor” Parody  had a baby with a packet of sour Skittles.

Bat-fleck pokes his head in briefly for some contractually-obligated electronically altered MEGAVOICE. He’s like the Jeb! of superheroes at this stage.

SWEAR TO ME.... please....

SWEAR TO ME…. please….

So does The Flash, which is just confusing as the most I’ve seen of him is in the trailer for a film coming out AFTER THIS FILM.

You'll see me again later.

You’ll see me again later.

I most certainly will not.

Despite each segment arriving like it’s own hit of acid, the episodic introduction of Deadshot (Superpower – GUNPORN),  Harley Quinn (Superpower – High-Class Prostitute, former Psychiatrist), the incredibly named CAPTAIN BOOMERANG (Power : Is not Tom Hardy like I thought, has entirely useless Boomerang), Killer Croc (Power : Is a Monster),  Slipknot (Superpower : Instant, meaningless death 5 minutes after introduction), Katana (Power : I shit you not, it’s a magic sword that gets it’s own flashback well over halfway through the film) and El Diablo (Power : Mild Racism, Can shoot Fire but won’t YET because reasons) proves mind-numbing.

They are cobbled together by a legitimately tired looking Viola Davis.  She cannot believe she is in the film. Neither could I.

What the fuck am I doing here?

What the fuck am I doing here?

The team are cobbled together because one member of the team has ALREADY gone rogue.

She goes rogue before meeting her team-mates.

It’s astonishing.

Meet “The Echantress”, everybody.

Ah, you got the stink lines and everything.

Ah, you got the stink lines and everything.

Yes, that’s right – she’s  a spooooooky witch that comes straight from Brendan Fraser’s The Mummy series. Her alter-ego (played by non-actor model Cara Delavigne) is a trained archaeologist who immediately snaps the head off a cursed item the moment she’s introduced so as to serve as the BIG BAD of the film.

Think about this carefully, now, folks.

The Suicide Squad is formed ….. because the Suicide Squad is formed….. because the Suicide squad was formed…. in order to stop the sui…. The S-


It’s astonishingly circuitous writing that no-one sat still long enough to think through to its logical end. The Enchantress, as conceptualised and deployed in this film, is some of the worst writing I have ever witnessed in anything ever.

She’s also somebody’s love interest, because really now there’s too many people so let’s combine as many “motivations” as possible. That lover is Rick Flagg, who Tom Hardy was initially cast as. What I would have given to see him give this entire enterprise the crazy-eye.

What are you looking at?

What are you looking at, Frog?


Nothing! Nothing. Sorry. Jesus. Never.... uh.... nevermind. You go about... I mean, I'll go... good to see you.

Nothing! Nothing. Sorry. Jesus. Never…. uh…. nevermind. You go about… I mean, I’ll go… good to see you.

Instead, Flagg is played by Joel Kinnaman whose hair keeps changing length because of how many months apart his scenes were re-shot after everyone realised they were terrible.

The craft of this film is nothing short of criminal. Characters walk to the left of each other and then are sitting behind them on their right as they turn in the opposite direction. People look in the wrong direction and talk as if they can still see each other. Close-up after close-up suggests none of the actors ever physically met. 15 – 20 mega popular songs (BCUZ DATS WOT I LIKE ‪#‎Rockstar‬ #Interminable #WhymeJesus? ) are laid over scenes where they don’t match the cuts, and dialogue is uttered over song lyrics. They literally said “Let’s do what Marvel did with Guardians” and then ACTUALLY STEAL SPIRIT OF THE SKY FROM THAT MOVIE WITHOUT REALISING.

Everything is tinted purple and green for the first 20 minutes before the re-shoots run out of money and we return to the permanently (even in daytime) dark first cut of the film, where everyone is angry and suspicious but nobody can articulate why.

I hate you! Why? You did a thing! I didn't do a thing! We're friends then. Yes. Friends it is. END

I hate you!
                               You did a thing!
                          I didn’t do the thing!
                             We’re friends then.
                               Yes. Friends it is.

Characters enter and leave the film randomly. Sword woman turns up to the greeting “You’re late” before having her introductory flashback. The Fire Dude is actually in the 2nd act of his 2nd solo film, where he’s given up his powers before being inspired to burn EVERYTHING in a 12 mile radius 3 times over.

But let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

No, not that one.

Hello, boys! (probably)

” Hello, boys!” –  Harley (probably)

The treatment of Harley Quinn (and women in general) in this film represents something very dark in modern society. Rolled out in hotpants in the pissing rain to tweak the moustaches of all the men and spout wise-cracks as she buttons every scene by walking out of frame seductively, she is a dangerous character to write into a wide-release film in 2016.

The treatment of women in the film is just wrong. Outright wrong.

El Diablo has a flashback to his motivational dead wife in which he slaps her ass. In his HAPPY MEMORY.

He is tricked by the witch into having a dream of her alive and his two dead kids are alive again too but  the dream is ACTUALLY THAT SHE’S PUTTING THE KIDS TO BED SO THEY CAN BANG and it’s somehow both racist and sexist at the same time.

Will Smith (a real-life father to a pop-star daughter) encourages a character to slap the evil witch on the ass in order to stop her.

In his (disarmingly late) introduction into the film 3 seconds before his head explodes (literally), Slipknot punches a woman in face and when questioned offers “She has a mouth, don’t she?” as some kind of reason.

"HAHAHA" - Chris Brown, probably

“Hahaha” – Chris Brown, probably, and also sadly most of the audience at a sold-out screening.


I’m sorry. That is not funny. That is not funny at all. No.

Man, what can I talk about that’s not depressing? Oh….

There was something else… in the film…. that was….


Ha.... ha.... haa... HAAA

Ha…. ha…. haa… HAAA

What… what was it…. the other Elephant in the room….


Let's put a smile on that

Let’s put a smile on that-


I'm just gonna hurt ya

I’m just gonna hurt ya-


Say my name three times

Say my name 3  times.





It's time to conquer EARF

            It’s time to conquer EARF

JARED LETO is in this film for 12 minutes as … something.

Is he the Joker?


Not really.


He confuses breathing heavily and twitching with having presence. He is a preening narcissist version of a character that represents selfless anarchy. He disappears and reappears at will, not caring if you, the audience, know or indeed care why, or even if you want to. He is embarrassingly self-aware and is trying so hard at acting you can see his Ren and Stimpy veins popping under his Damaged Forehead Tattoo. He wears pimp rings and a pimp coat and has a pimp cane. Every other actor onscreen with him looks like they don’t trust him (the actor, not the character) and it is so distracting as to be laughable.  He is astonishingly, award-worthily atrocious.

The entire film is insulting sexist shit made for stupid sexist people.

Do not take children to see this. It’s not alright.

Frog out.


  1. Honestly, I never understood why for some reason people keep saying that the DCEU is “better” because it is more “diverse” than the MCU…I mean, the MCU still has a long way to go, but at least it knows how to treat its diverse characters. But NOT blowing them up, doing equal opportunity fan service (meaning that the woman get as much if not more to ogle) and allowing them to have some sort of character (though to be fair, nobody in the DCEU has a character to begin with….)

    To be fair though, Spirit in the Sky is actually not used in GotG itself, it just happens to be on the soundtrack (not that this makes the use of music in SS in any way better).

  2. Wow. I had exactly zero interest in seeing this movie, and now I have even less interest. How is that even possible? I don’t know.

    But thanks for the review. 😉

  3. I was actually excited for this one but I have not heard ONE person say ANYTHING positive about it, so I’ll be skipping this one until it comes to the dollar theater (good way to see non-Marvel superhero movies, I caught XMen Apocalypse a few weeks ago and for a dollar it was pretty silly but mostly enjoyable. Some REALLY dumb one liners though).

    Good intro post, Frog, looking forward to seeing more from you.

  4. Ouch. For the record, I didn’t think this was that bad, but like the rest of the DCEU, it could have been so much more.

    Which makes the fanboys crying about “Marvel bias” all the more hilarious. Newsflash: people hate these movies because they’re bad, not because DC made them.

  5. Welcome to the blog, Frog! Nice to see you haven’t given this vaporwave vomit any more attention than it deserves.

    Am I the only one who’s tired of ‘supers’? They’re no more compelling than plain old heroes, villains and food. (scuttles away from barrage of rotten fruit from comics fans)

    1. I find it hard to blame anyone who’s tired of superhero films given how many there are. I still enjoy all the Marvel ones, but the non-Marvel ones sure make me wonder how much longer this craze can last before it goes belly up

      1. There have been plenty of good movies to come out of the craze, for sure. In fact, I would love to see Westerfeld and Lanagan’s ‘Zeroes’ on screen, precisely because not one of their characters is any variation of ‘wisecracking white guy who solves everything with physical strength’. But I’m a sucker for genre-busters.

    2. The problem is that so many people forget that the word “superhero” has two parts, and that both are important. They spend all their effort on making sure that their supers are super, but neglect to make sure that their heroes deserve the title.

  6. This film is just a dumb, uninspired, uncreative, and downright forcefully manufactured piece of shit that nobody is going to remember in a couple of years other than being a stupid and messy distraction for DC “posers”. I don’t recommend it, it’s nothing but boring and pretentious dogshit though it’s dogshit that taste better than the ultimate dogshit that was Batman v Superman.

  7. I actually enjoyed this movie a great deal at first sight and I haven’t really repented of that fondness at any time since; one would also like to point out that any Frog crazy enough to go into “The Dirty Dozen with super-villains” expecting something you can take your kids to see is destined for a most unhappy experience.

    Having said that I do agree that the film was more than trifle messy and could have been better – on the other hand, like every DC movie until WONDER WOMAN this one had its good moments to go with its bad (although one suspects you and I would not see eye-to-eye on them so we’ll stop here before we risk some serious argument).

  8. Oh and I’d argue that this movie makes FAR more sense if one assumes that Amanda Waller is the Villain and that Enchantress is merely the antagonist (consider that it is Waller’s hubris and her effort to avoid the consequences of same that drives the plot).

  9. I agree with you until the sexism part, because As a women I fail to see what was so bad about her. I thought she was the best part of the film.

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