News roundup!

Hey guys, just a little news update to share with you all. And it’s all good news! Well, not in the real world, obviously that’s just an unending tragic-comic farce performed in front of an audience of dead cats in a burning dump but this is all good news so let’s get to it.

Mauricio is out of Venzuela

What up bitches, we saved a human. Thanks to the money you guys kindly donated Mauricio has successfully emigrated to Colombia and has even landed a job as a graphic designer. Mauricio is doing great and you should all feel real proud of yourselves. Go team. Speaking of wonderful humans:

Sharuf is going live tomorrow!

My brother John is going back to Zambia to continue his volunteer work with local orphans (the Mother Teresa of Southern Africa is what I’m hoping everyone will start calling him). I’ll let him explain it himself.

So to raise funds, we are doing a LIVE broadcast of Sharuf starting tomorrow 7 PM (Irish time). Drop in, comment, and throw him a few shekels if you are so inclined and meet my OTHER furry alter ego.

“See ya then folks!”

“Hey! Stay on East Side!”

“Ho ho! Bite me!”

“Guys, please stop fighting. I have love enough for two.”

Dónal’s got a new EP out!

 Me bruvver, Dónal “The Talented One” Sharpson has got a new EP out which is available on the Apple Store. Give it a listen and continue supporting the ongoing Sharpson takeover of all media. Hey, like we’ll do a worse job? What have you got to lose?

Stand up!

Neil Sharpson’s 12 Gigs in 12 Months is still going I took a break in February but I had an extra gig in January so its all good. Next gig is in the International Bar on Wicklow Street on March 13th and I hopefully will have some useable footage this time. Oh, and John is also doing a gig in Cherry Comedy in Whelan’s on Wexford Street on Monday the 12th. If you’re in Dublin, drop in and say hi to either of us. Or both!

And lastly I am going to Alaska!

Delighted to announce that my play “The Caspian Sea” has been selected to take part in the Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Alaska in June! Theatre Conferences are like Disney Land for Theatre Nerds and I am honestly so excited about this. Plus there’s going to be 22 hours of sunlight which means I’ll only have to sleep two hours a day and have more time for doing theatre stuff (that’s how it works, right?).

And that’s it. That’s all my good news. Ration it carefully. Peace out.



  1. Congratulations to Mauricio, to Dónal, to that blue thing, and of course to everyone’s favorite Disney-adjacent mouse that isn’t secretly a demon from the darkest depths of Bahia (that we know of)!

    Enjoy Alaska! It’s lovely in the summer. Definitely a better time than now would be. Although right now I’m 1400 miles closer to the equator than they are, and yet it seems the temperature is actually the same.

  2. A bit of advice for Alaska summer: “22 hours of sunlight” does not mean 2 hours of darkness. It means an hour of right-after-sunset followed by an hour of right-before-sunrise. It will never get dark while you are there.

    Also, be prepared for mosquitos.

  3. More good news for Mauricio; the party supporting Chavism in Colombia just lost the Colombian parlamentary elections, so that’s a step further away from him having landed in a country where history would repeat itself. Let’s just keep all fingers crossed for Colombia’s presidential elections later this year (I don’t expect for anything good from our own, Venezuelan elections this year, which are going to be a grotesque farce).

    Bad news, however, in that we have lost David Ogden Stiers. Bye bye, Mr. Radcliffe, Professor Jumba.

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