I’m sorry, I suck, also please support my play!

Mouse where the hell is the review this is an outrage!

Sorry! Sorry, I’m really sorry. I was on holiday over the weekend and this review just slipped the hell away from me. I’m really sorry, especially since Qwirkyproductions has been waiting for this review since the frickin’ Obama administration. I’ll be ready for Halloween, promise.

Okay, well…you watch yer ass. See you next week.

Actually there’s one more thing…

You have GOT to be kidding

So my play, The Caspian Sea, came back from Alaska leaner, meaner and with a white wolf companion that it goes on adventures with. And now it’s getting a staged reading as part of the Newvember Theatre Festival on November 9th in the New Theatre Temple Bar. If you live in Dublin (we few, we happy few), tickets are on sale now and I’d love to see your face.

The rest of you, I’ll see your faces on Hallowe’en.


  1. This can not stand. I will swear vengeance upon you and your endless parade of sidekicks, side gags and numerous one offs. (No worries man, see you next week. Looking forward to what the horrors the next review will bring down upon us all.)

  2. Well, there’s a Dublin here in Ohio, but I’ve heard it’s so popular for its Memorial Golf Tournament and being the location of the Wendy’s Restaurant headquarters that other places have started copying the name, and I suspect you mean one of those.

    In all seriousness, congrats on the play, wish I could go see it!

  3. Best luck to your play. Let us know if one day it’s recorded in some way that we can see it.

    I just watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 which I had been avoiding since I really thought the first one was boring. But I actually really loved Guardians 2 even knowing all spoilers which I didn’t avoid since I didn’t think I would ever watch Guardians 2. I it was fun to read your review again.

    But I noticed with your Marvel rankings that there was 17 filming ranked even it should have been 18. It was because Black Panther was just put no.2 even though Guardians 2 also is at no. 2 with higher score (96 to 94). And the rest of the films don’t have their numbers updated to go up 18. I am just anal about lists like this so I neened to point this out sorry!

  4. At this point we’ll just have to accept that you’re a Field Mouse rather than a House Mouse and move on … all the while nursing our DARK SUSPICIONS!

    (“Just don’t turn out to be rat, kiddo, you don’t like what we do to rats ’round here, make Larry look REAL lucky”

    “Brooklyn, please don’t threaten the Artist”

    “Sorry boss”


    “I’m sorry Mister ED”

    “Good form, stout fellah, say no more”).

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