Later Bat time, later Bat channel

Hi folks, really sorry but the Batman and Robin review is going to be delayed until next week. See, I forgot that this was the week I had a book deadline to meet, a TV proposal to submit, a driving test to take and everyone in my family was going to get sick with something. I didn’t plan the last one, but given the last few years that’s really on me.

Anyway, the review will go up February 2nd. Thanks as always for your patience and understanding.


  1. You’re good man – after literal years of blogging, our goodwill will not be spent by single slip. I still hold out hope that some of those webcomics I read will be updated after years without word, so an extra week is hardly going to tax my patience. Hope everyone gets to feeling better.

  2. A TV proposal? That’s so exciting! Here’s hoping all goes well!!! Sending all my best wishes to you and your family ❤️

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