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Help me out guys, a Beyonce is what now?

America, I love you. I do. Love your movies, your music, the powdered wigs of your founding fathers and I have never met an American who was not a thoroughly decent skin. But this TMZ shit has got to stop. Seriously, you guys need to cut that out.

So if you can’t see the video, it basically consists of the barking seals of TMZ expressing shock and disbelief that Jay-Z and Beyonce were able to take their daughter for a walk in the Phoenix Park in Dublin without getting mobbed. Clearly, the only reason could be (and yeah, the gobshite who suggests this in the video does seem to be Irish himself) was because these poor potato munchers didn’t know who my man Hove and Queen B actually are. Not because, you know, hassling celebrities when they’re out with their kids is kind of a shitty thing to do. No clearly there’s something wrong with us. Like, as a nation. But worry not, TMZ has not given up on us and even envisions that we may actually know who they are in “fifteen years or so”.

I was going to do a big lengthy response to this but I seem to have gone blind with rage. But fortunately, the guys at summed it up perfectly. Enjoy.

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The audio review of Make Mine Music is now ready for your eager ear holes and can be listened to HERE. Video review soon to follow. Also, we got any Doctor Who fans in the house? ‘Cos Erik’s got a new blog called The Doctor Dies at the End, looking at how each episode of modern Who would play out if the Doctor died, with the exception of “Turn Left”, where he will be looking at what would happen if the Doctor livedAnd if you get that joke, then it’s the blog for you.













The Saga Ends…

I’ve been remiss in my duties I’m afraid. Due to me actually (gasp!) writing over the last few weeks I’ve not been updating episodes of the Goo like I’d planned. So here are the final two episodes.

Episode 4 is HERE, and Episode 5 is HERE.  Please watch, share and tell your friends. It’s a great series and plus, Dave’s a mate and I owe him for that time he saved me from a rabid banshee.

And now, for the last time, please read your nationality appropriate recommendation.

For Non-Irish Readers

As we enter the penultimate and final installments of the Goo, this towering work has so many questions yet to answer. Will Dave and Jonesy manage to escape the deathtrap that addiction has built around them? Will they emerge from this ordeal with even the barest trace of their humanity intact? Will they finally discover the identity of the mysterious Yellow King? But perhaps that’s not the point. The Goo is not about providing easy answers. The Goo is about the questions that we must ask oursevles. The Goo is the mirror held up to our faces, our own unblinking reflection staring back at us, always questioning. Can you meet its gaze?

Can any of us?

For Irish Readers


The Goo: Part Deux

Second episode of the Goo has now gone up. Once again, please read your nationality appropriate recommendation.

For Irish viewers

Shenanigans are afoot as Dave and Jonesy take “Baby Goo” Ste Murray under the proverbial feathered appendages and show him the ropes of Goodum. It’s all a bit of craic until the lads get a call from the Gooru himself, and all shite’s about to break loose. Will the lads be up the challenge? Jayus an’ anyway.

For non-Irish viewers

This week we are introduced to “Baby Goo”, played by Stephen Murray, who acts as both audience surrogate and a symbol of endangered innocence. Stephen is the man that Dave and Jonesy once were, the wide-eyed young man full of promise, oblivious to the fact that when he gazes on the wrecked and ravaged forms of these two men he looks not upon mentors or friends but his own terrible future. References to films abound in this week’s episode, the Godfather and Die Hard are both name checked. It is however Darren Aronofsky’s seminal Requiem for  a Dream that the work references most strongly, but textually and subtextually, as Dave and Jonesy’s descent into the next level of addiction’s cthonic abyss commences with a summons from “The Gooru”. That Mephistophelean figure has hitherto remained hidden. Now, Dave and Jonesy’s trials shall begin in earnest.

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Hi guys, a slightly belated Merry Christmas to you all. You all know Erik Copper whose dulcet readings of the Unshaved Mouse drip like honey upon the ears of the waiting internet (audio of The Three Caballeros review has gone up here).  And now he’s started a blog of his own…

Terrific. Another piranha in the tank.

Terrific. Another piranha in the tank.

…called LyriCritic where he reviews awful pop music for your amusement. He does requests (like me) and he doesn’t have the temerity to ask for money (like…look, a bird!). Anwyay, you should check him out and watch him show Nicki Minaj what’s what.


Say, do you like reviews of Disney movies that are more surrealist stream of consciousness with a heavy seasoning of cuss words but don’t hold with all that fancy book reading? Well, starting from today we’ve got you covered. Erik Copper, a fan of the blog, has taken it upon himself to record audio versions of the reviews which I’ll be linking to and uploading as they become available. Now, at last, you’ll be able to enjoy Unshaved Mouse while driving, operating heavy machinery or making love to your spouse. What’s more, since I’m not reading them myself you can enjoy the reviews without being distracted by my impenetrable Irish brogue.

"Ah muise and begob sure'tis a fine Disney movie to be sure, to be sure, to be sure."

“Ah muise and begob sure ’tis a fine Disney movie to be sure, to be sure, to be sure.”

At the moment we have Snow White, Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo, Bambi
and Saludos Amigos. Erik’s done an awesome job and really should check them out.

All the best,


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So, while writing the Rescuers Down Under review, I found myself in need of a picture of a mouse in a gimp suit. I thought there was no way that such a thing could exist, but then the internet smacked me in the face for doubting it and duly provided the image above from a website called The House of Mouse.

My first instinct was of course just to swipe the image, leaving nothing but a broken window, a single black rose and a calling card to let the bumbling fools in the local constabulary know that the Phantom Mouse had struck again, but instead Anna and Naomi who run House of Mouse very kindly agreed to let me use their gimp mouse. But did you know he could be YOUR Gimp Mouse? House of Mouse specialise in handmade felt mice based on movie characters (that saucy fellow up there is their take on the gimp from Pulp Fiction). They do Doctor Who mice, Star Trek mice, Harry Potter mice, you name it and they are all quite adorably awesome.

Look, let’s be honest. You’re here because you have an unhealthy obsession with mice. I’ve seen the stats. Everytime I do a review featuring mice my page views go through the roof. So why not indulge your obsession? You can see the full collection at House of Mouse.

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Conchubar Seán deBreádún ( Conor Bredin to his English speaking friends) is a friend of mine who I met under rather unusual circumstances. Long story short, I was dating his sister but ended up killing his father, drove his sister mad and then we ended up killing each other. Oh, and we also were both cast in Hamlet. Anyway, he’s a teacher who’s begun an absolutely fantastic project with his class where they create a fantasy world and each team of children is in charge of a single country. Conor has started a blog detailing the fascinating and often hilarious twists and turns a universe takes when it’s under the control of a group of eight year olds. If you’re a teacher yourself and want to know how he did it, or are just looking for a good read, check out the Unexplored Realm.

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(Brackets and Ampersands) is a blog by one of my oldest and dearest friends, Moira Fowley, who is currently doing her PhD in vampire studies.

Well, someone has to take up the mantle.

Well, someone has to take up the mantle.

She blogs on Young Adult literature and vampires in the media and  she blogs damn well. If that sounds like something you could get your teeth into (see what I did there? Teeth? I’ll get my coat) you should totally check her out. Her blog. You should check her blog out. Not her. That’s be weird. She’s…don’t do that. Stop that.